Discover how Google has changed our lives

The most popular search engine in the world fulfills two decades facilitating our existence

Discover how Google has changed our lives

On September 4, 1998, after a year of starting to develop a particular company, students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founded what would be one of the greatest technological leaps in human history: Google .

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Its official anniversary dates from September 27, the day it makes its debut on the Internet. However, today, the most popular search engine in the world celebrates two decades of existence, so there is no better way to celebrate than to remember how much our lives have changed because of it.

Be lost? Never more!

Learning to interpret bulky maps or ask directions every two streets was no longer necessary with Google. For many, Google maps arrived 'how fallen from the sky' indicating with surprising precision how to get from one place to another, using various means of transport and anywhere in the world. A tool that allowed man to explore the world without fear of getting lost along the way.



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If it's not on Google, it does not exist

Google is the most complete library on Earth and nobody can ever refute it. Every detail, information, appointment, question, result, historical event (or future), of any subject and temporality can be found there. The monumental encyclopedias that occupied a privileged space in family libraries, now look like museum pieces. From the most basic doubts to the most complex ones, they have instant answers just by asking Google.



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Goodbye to the wait. Immediate welcome

To find out what is happening on the other side of the world, it is no longer necessary to wait for the next newscast or the next day's newspaper, just enter the magic box of Google and click on the information of the entire planet. in real time it is slammed IGNORE INTO your hands.



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Without language barriers

Google made polyglots everyone. No matter the language, or the extent of what is required to translate, everything can be translated in seconds IGNORE INTO different languages. This tool broke down language barriers, now going on a trip to a country with an unknown language is less intimidating if in your pocket you have a phone with Google ready to translate any conversation.



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The world in your hands

Restaurants, ATMs, events, stores, offices, tourist attractions … Everything is in your hands. Google not only tells you how to get to the place you're looking for, but also makes suggestions, recommends similar destinations and puts user evaluations at your disposal to make the search more accurate.  


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With Google for what doctor

Although self-diagnosis is a risk that all doctors warn, Google turns us in experts in diseases, diagnoses and cures. The smallest symptom slides us down a slide of information about the possible causes that triggered a fever. All the diets, routines, remedies, benefits, and benefits of a product can be found in Google, even the valuable and effective home remedies of the grandmother have been replaced by the search engine.



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Some experts in psychology and human behavior consider that Google has changed not only our way of interacting in life but our way of thinking. They argue that society has become easier and addicted to immediacy due to the ease of access to the information that the tool represents. However, this same characteristic has knocked down the barriers of knowledge, placing in the hands of every human being all the information available in the world. An infinite ocean of possibilities to understand, investigate, explore or solve any restlessness that crosses our mind.

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Translated from "Descubre cómo Google nos ha cambiado la vida"


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