How Some New Businesses Are Affecting the Environment?

5G technology and digitalization generate significant changes from the construction of new companies, and the environment is the coalition's greatest ally.

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A study called "Global Report 2021: The State of New Business Construction" conducted by McKinsey Digital, revealed that more than a fifth of companies will create new products and services by 2026 to favor the elimination of the gap, through inclusive and sustainable development. The data collected shows that products and services will be insufficient to face what is coming and achieve a sustainable future. The findings indicate that 80% favor transformations and 62% create and prioritize them. In addition, the rise of technological progress and digitalization linked to sustainability will be another driver for the new entry.

The construction of new businesses is a concept that is handled by 80% of the people surveyed. However, some fail to scale more than $50 million annually in revenue. The report suggested that 12% of new businesses led by women are more likely to achieve, even exceed expectations. In short, the study considers carrying out deep analysis and understanding of customers at a generational level.

New Trends Generated by the Companies of Tomorrow

Digitalization and technology will drive businesses to be more sustainable, says Catalina Irurita, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Relations for Central America, and LATAM at Ericsson CMO.

1. Companies digitize their work: Currently, 7 out of 10 businesses are in the process of digitalization, of which 5 agree that productivity and profitability are the main benefits and 4 consider that sustainability is the success of companies. Some experts think that the transformation of products and services will be a triumph for companies in the year 2030.

2. Remote jobs are generated: Data from several studies suggest that by 2030 66% of meetings will be virtual. However, 43% believe that a physical office will no longer exist, because expenses are greatly reduced through remote work.


3. The evolution of 5G technology: With the advent of the metaverse, the implementation of 5G technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality is expected to expand by at least 50% in the next decade. Some specialists believe that the resources of cellular technology and the cloud will increase with remote work; these are the beginning of a new digital era. Even thinking that 61% already use it for some business applications.

4. Sustainable economy: Experts suggest that the economy will remain sustainable, with a 60% increase in temporary jobs.

5. Expanding trend: The Ericsson ConsumerLab study revealed that consumers of 5G technology spend more time on cloud gaming and augmented reality. However, 20% have reduced the use of Wifi. Users of 5G technology expect more innovative products and services with much more coverage and speed. The figures indicate that the new generations are the ones that consume this trend the most.

6. The route of startups is zero emissions: Although, there are many contradictions, about 50% of women-led companies have installed solar panels to save energy and address solutions in a short time. However, 2% think they will not implement any renewable energy. Environmental factors often affect the reality of business enterprises.

In short, the studies of technology have been based on the experiences of users. However, they consider that the relationship and sustainability that occurs in the environment are equally important.

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