Infographic: 5 Key Moments in the History of Internet Explorer

The one that used to be the king of browsers, Internet Explorer, was abandoned by Microsoft on June 15. Here we tell you some great moments of its history.

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From being synonymous with the use of the Internet to being a relic comparable to Blockbuster, Internet Explorer is a browser that for many was the first gateway to this technology. After 27 years of operation, Microsoft decided that on June 15 it would finally stop updating the browser. As this functionally means the death of it, today we want to bring you 5 great moments that marked the history of this iconic browser for the Internet.

Intener Explorer

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Here you have it, a small summary of what was, for some, a fundamental part of the Internet. Currently, the king of the market is indisputably Google Chrome, which in March of this year had 80.3% of the market. On the other hand, Edge, Microsoft's default browser, only had 7.5% as of that date. The almost universal use of Google Chrome not only as a search tool but as a platform to access all kinds of applications on the web makes it hard to believe that someone could one day topple this behemoth. Will we have a monopoly in the future?

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