The Best Mid-Range Smartphones that Came Out this Year

Do you Want a New Smartphone, but you are Low on Budget? Here we Tell you What are the Best Mid-Range Options Available on the Market.

Galaxy A53

Photo: Samsung

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With the release of the Iphone 14, many are craving for a brand new smartphone. But not all of us have the $800 rumored to cost the latest Apple phone. For this reason, today at LatinAmerican Post we decided to make a small compilation of the best devices that are available at the moment for less than 450 dollars, almost half of what the Iphone 14 would cost. Without further ado, here they go.

Google Pixel 6a

This Google smartphone is currently ranging between 370-400 dollars and was released in July this year. It has a bright OLED display that is capable of producing more light than the GalaxyA53 and even the iPhone SE. It's also capable of taking great photos, thanks to its 50-megapixel camera. Perhaps one of the problems with this smartphone is that its battery life is not that good compared to its competitors. This model has 128GB of memory and 6GB RAM.

Galaxy A53

Released in March this year, the Samsung Galaxy A53 is priced at around $400-450, depending on location. This smartphone has a good screen, ideal for watching videos on applications such as Netflix and YouTube. Its 64-megapixel camera takes excellent photos and its design is quite attractive. However, this phone has two big problems and they both have to do with its battery. According to various reviews, the A53 has an average battery life of about 1 day and takes a long time to reach a full charge. Some users have reported that the A53 can take up to 2 hours to fully charge.

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Moto G Stylus

With a price that ranges between 300 and 400 dollars. The Moto G Stylus is a slightly different phone than the others on this list, as it comes with a built-in stylus pen. Although it's a lot cheaper than the Google Pixel 6a, it has excellent battery life, a fast screen, and good specs for its price. Perhaps a negative aspect of the phone is that it is too big.

Is it worth revisiting previous iPhone models?

With the release of the iPhone 14, the prices of other Apple phones will fall and some of them are worth taking a look at. However, the only one that enters this list under the initial qualification of "phone priced at less than $450" is the iPhone 11, and scratching, since on the official Apple page it is sold for $499. This is a good option if you don't feel the need to have the latest version of the iPhone. It has good battery life, an ultra-wide lens camera ideal for those who enjoy photography, and a fast processor. Perhaps the only problem with this model is that it only comes with 64 GB of memory, which is very short for the standards currently used in the market.

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