These are the 4 innovative Apple releases

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Apple is betting in 2019 to new markets with its latest releases that go beyond electronic devices

These are the 4 innovative Apple releases

The North American company is at the forefront of the markets. Now, Apple will compete with the streaming services of movies such as Netflix and Amazon, credit cards, news portals and the videogame service that Google also launches, Stadia.

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On March 25, San Francisco was the scene of an Apple event where new streaming, news and credit card services were launched. The new releases, although it is not known for sure when they will reach the market and the only thing that is known about their prices are speculations, they bet to dominate other markets.

According to the CEO, Tim Cook, at the event, Apple already integrates hardware, software and services, and will seek to focus all of its products on the personalization of each user, but with the help of privacy.

1. Movie service

The streaming that aims to compete with HBO, Netflix, Amazon and the other multiple platforms that are already on the market, will be one more application of Apple TV mainly, but will also come for devices of other brands, such as Smart TV and computers.

For now, it is estimated that the launch will be in June and, although it is not known in particular if it will reach the whole world at the time, Apple confirmed that it will reach 100 countries.

In the beginning, the platform will have content from HBO and other platforms, taking into account that the App Store already has a large number of movies. Although it is difficult to know how it will compete with those that are already in the market, even has premieres that has no other service.

In addition, the company is already working on its own productions that will make the service unique. Although the subscription price is not yet known, it is known that it will seek to integrate different services, to make it more attractive for users. That is, it is possible that the subscription to streaming goes hand in hand with Apple Music or something like that.

2. Apple Arcade

This game service will be a section in the App Store and will be by subscription, where there will be constant changes and renewals in the games. Like film straming, there is no certainty about the launch or prices, but it was announced that it will be released in 150 countries.


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The Arcade system, like the rest of the App Store, is focused not only on privacy but on a strict curation that will allow launch the best games to the market. Arcade will work on any Apple device, from an iPhone to an Apple TV.

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Although everything sounds perfect for users, the portal The Verge showed that there are aspects more worrisome than the cost of the subscription, especially in the creators of games. This service would lead to the disappearance of some paid games that already exist, so its creators have doubts about what will happen. Although it is known that the company will have an agreement with these, there is no greater knowledge about how the business will be done.

3. Apple News +

Perhaps the most controversial of the announcements, News + promises to be a platform that will gather the news of the main newspapers of the world. This service is provided from the purchase of Texture, "the netflix of the press", according to El Tiempo. From a subscription, the user will have access to unlimited news from newspapers and magazines that are inside the service.

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times are some of those already part of this platform, which has a cost of USD $ 9.99 per month. It arrived in the United States and Canada, then it will arrive in Europe and Australia. It is still unknown when it will arrive, and if it will, to Latin America.


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For media and publishers, this news platform was not well welcomed, because many of them have their own subscription and also would be affected in advertising, since everything would be at the user's reach. The fact that each medium has its own portal, allows them to have closeness with their readers, and accuracy about their reach.

While with News +, Apple would have the control, other media would lose a part of their income by subscription, of not doing it, the users would choose the means that already are within this service.

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4. Credit card

The Apple Card, which will be designed for iPhone, will be part of the digital Wallet of the cell phone. Also with a focus on privacy, people will have an encrypted code that will change constantly, which will only allow the owner to make payments.

The user will have the physical card, but it will not have numbers or data in it, because everything is in the app that can only be used with fingerprint recognition. This credit card seeks not only to be a different way of conceiving credit cards, but to replace the current system.


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As a major attraction, it seeks to break the time and space barriers that credit cards currently have, benefiting the user by removing many interest rates that currently exist in the traditional banking system. People will not be charged for transfers or long-distance payments, they will not be charged annually or for late payments.

In addition, Apple will have the function of Daily Cash, where each time a payment is made with the card, 2% of the expense will be returned in cash to be used in other transactions, or, when it comes to purchases of apple products, people will receive 3%.


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