This is what the third edition of the VR FEST MX left us

On September 30 the most important virtual reality festival in the region concluded. LatinAmerican Post brings you the details of the event

This is what the third edition of the VR FEST MX left us

On September 30 the third edition of VR FEST MX 2018 concluded. This is a festival that has become the most important in Latin America in terms of virtual reality. It was attended by developers, experts, companies and NGOs that met for three days at the University of Communication, located in the heart of the Mexican capital.

Read in english: Así se vivió la tercera edición del VR FEST MX

As the organizers had announced, the festival was focused on social awareness and innovation. With this, they seek to change the technology with which to contribute to the development and solution of global problems.

According to this perspective, the speakers and lecturers presented their work with this social approach, involving several NGOs that showed their projects for the protection of the environment, animals and people in conflict zones. LatinAmerican Post was present to bring you the details of the event.

Animal Equality

The stand of the NGO Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) was the most popular, presenting three projects on the visibility of animal abuse in the food industry. The first is about the conditions in which the pigs are "produced", the second about the farms and the third about the milk industry.

The three are part of iAnimal, an international project supported in each country by a media personality that narrated what happens within the VR experience, according to Mariajosé Lozano, communication coordinator of Igualdad Animal Mexico. In the Mexican case it was the television host Marco Antonio Regil, who told step by step the events that lead to the death of the animal, within a direct experience with the animals.

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Katya Ramírez, education coordinator, told LatinAmerican Post that the goal of the videos is not only the emotional impact that can cause the viewer, but what is important is what will happen further.  

So, when some people watch some of the videos and decide that they will do something to make a change, a stage of accompaniment begins so that person can change his life little by little, solving his doubts and showing the options that there are alternative to animal consumption.

In the shoes of people who suffer the ravages of war

International law establishes that civilians must be respected within armed conflicts, but the reality is usually different. The main victims of the war are always civilians, which is why the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) undertook the task of raising awareness of the lives of these people.

Enter the room is a project of immersion through augmented reality in various scenarios that are at war. Jesús Serrano, regional communication coordinator for Mexico, Central America and Cuba, developed the experience called "Los pescadores de Gaza" (Gaza's fishermen), among others that the ICRC presented at the VR FEST MX.

The intention was for the viewer to feel within the context of the people of these territories so they can understand the options they have at the moment, which are generally limited.

Business, entertainment and experts

Although the focus of this festival is social awareness, entertainment and business were not left aside. The Mexican developers showed projects such as "La muerte interdimensional" (Interdimensional death), a cartoon recreated in virtual reality by Bläubox Studio, showing the innovations of young people.

The Conabio showed its virtual experience on Puerto Morelos, Yucatan, developing a tour of the seabed with great precision. Not only did they recreate marine species and all geographical aspects faithfully, they also integrated information to learn at the same time.

Numerous experts gave lectures and workshops throughout the festival, among which it was highlighted Abel Kavanagh, an Irish photographer who has worked hand in hand with the UN in different areas of conflict or in difficult conditions, with spectacular results. His concern for social problems has led him to travel the world to raise awareness about these situations that millions of people in the world live.


LatinAmerican Post | Luis Liborio

Translated from "Así se vivió la tercera edición del VR FEST MX"

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