After a Year of Taliban Government, Afghanistan Is Immersed In A Broken Promise

Almost a year has passed since the United States withdrew from Afghanistan for good, leaving almost 40 million people in the hands of the Taliban.

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The hope of democratic, social, and cultural stability in Afghanistan came to an end with the arrival of the Taliban regime due to the departure of US troops from this Central Asian country. Looking at the actions of the US government from a political, economic, and military spectrum, it was a waste of time, and a defeat. 

This geopolitically important space for land and air transit between the Middle East and the Far East has suffered from religious extremism, conflicts with international allies, where Afghanistan is the battlefield, and uncertainty on the part of the inhabitants about what their life will be like from now on, without forgetting the stormy past of the Cold War and the latent danger of the ideas and actions of the Taliban.

With the arrival of the United States in the territory, the Afghans began to procreate with more security, hoping for long-term stability, which is why today, this country has one of the highest rates of children per woman on the planet with 6.64 , according to information from the CIA and digital portals from Asia and Europe.

Mistrust of the Taliban

Upon arrival in Kabul, the Afghan capital, the Taliban regime promised to maintain cultural and social stability, since the West's main fear was the discriminatory and misogynistic tendency towards women and the radical implementation of Sharia Law, or Islamic law.

It did not take long for the first reports of restrictions on the mobility of women and the harassment of Afghans who rebelled against the Taliban to appear on social networks and alternative media. To give an example, a television network had to give a live space to Taliban members, who broke into a news program, in order to show viewers that the radical Islamic regime was taking over the Executive power.

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Since September 2021, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has denounced every act of discrimination, harassment, and violence by the Taliban towards Afghans, men and women who have been violated by this regime. UNAMA has been emphatic in pressing the Taliban to fulfill their promise to guarantee and protect the human rights of the entire Afghan population, including girls and women, in addition to not disrupting their school, work, and individual activities, a promise that has not been fulfilled by them.

The key to a new country locked in an extreme law

With the arrival of the Taliban regime in August 2021, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which had secured the freedoms of mobility, education and planning for girls, adolescents and women, was renamed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Semantically, the Taliban took civil laws and turned them into religious laws under their extremist interpretation of Sharia Law. Since then, women cannot greet another man other than their partner or child, they must wear a full burqa, they do not have access to scientific education, they cannot appear in the media, among other radical regulations. It should be clarified that according to Human Rights Watch, these actions have occurred since before the Taliban came to power, so this behavior has been normalized in Afghan society, remembering that this country is the second most dangerous for women, after India, according to the specialized portal TrustLaw.

To reflect the reality of women in Afghanistan, in mid-August 2022, a group of them gathered in Kabul to demonstrate against the repression they have suffered for a year, and that the Taliban at the time said they would not they were going to do. The response of the Islamist regime was to shoot at the group of demonstrators to disperse the march. Once again, the Taliban are bailing on their promises of a year ago. However, there are illegal schools where science, math and English classes are taught, although they are not exempt from being targets of repression.

The start and end of the war: No change

Since the United States announced the withdrawal from Afghanistan, they left this country to its fate, the Taliban did not leave unconquered territory throughout the Asian nation, Kabul, the capital, was not as easy to possess as had been thought. . The US diplomatic siege waved goodbye from the planes while Afghan society stayed on the ground waiting for a miracle so that they would not be left alone, it did not happen.

Another problem afflicts the entire Afghan population, famine, where more than 23 million people in that country suffer from this scourge, which has been considered the largest current hunger crisis worldwide, surpassing Yemen and Syria, countries in constant civil war.

Afghanistan is a nation that cries out for help from its communities to the entire world, its population experiences precariousness, from not having bread in its months to not having freedom of movement in its own country. This is a result of a war in which those least interested in resolving the internal conflict arrived in October 2001 finding a country mired in misery and extremism, and they returned it in 2021 in the same way as they found it 20 years in the past.

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