Donald Trump’s Influence Continues to Advance in the Republican Primaries

The candidates supported by the former Republican president continue to achieve victories in order to control the party and reach Congress in midterm elections .

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The presidential campaign in the United States will officially begin in 2024, but the interests that may define the next White House tenant are already beginning to move. Former President Donald Trump has already started his career. The first step is to take control of the Republican Party and thus almost guarantee his victory in the presidential primaries.

To control the party, the first thing is that well-known Trumpists achieve their respective victories in the primary elections for the midterm. It will be vital for the former president that the Republicans who reach high office are allies in the face of the next presidential elections.

Trump's Party

For several years, experts have believed that the Republican Party (GOP), always associated with Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan, is now Trump's Party. His popularity among the US conservative base makes it impossible to see a GOP far removed from the New Yorker.

This is also becoming evident in the Trump candidates who will compete for the midterm elections. In this 2022, of 8 Trump candidates in primaries (Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Connecticut, Alaska, and Arizona) 7 achieved victory.

For its part, in the elections for the House of Representatives, 17 of 21 positions went to the Trumpist Republicans and not to those who manage a line away from the former president. He only lost the 2 Georgia seats, one in South Carolina and one of the 2 in Washington state.

Among the most striking results, the defeat in Wyoming of Liz Cheney stands out, one of the most relevant critics of Donald Trump within the party. Cheney only obtained 29% of the Republican votes, behind the 66% of the Trumpist Harriet Hageman. Within the same state, there was an important Trump victory: Chuck Gray won the primary for Secretary of State of Wyoming, a position that will be in charge of overseeing the elections.

In Alaska, former governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Pailin is running in the next election for a House seat. Pailin has the support of Trump and will compete in November against 2 candidates: Democrat and Republican.

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Only the primary elections are missing in Massachusetts (September 6) and those of Rode Island, Delaware, and New hapshire, all of which will be held on September 13. It will be on November 8 when the Trump effect competes not only within his party, but against the Democratic candidates.

Midterm Elections

It is traditional in the United States that in the middle of the presidential period, all the 435 positions in the House of Representatives are defined; 34 of 100 senators and 34 of 50 state governors.

These elections also serve as an electoral thermometer for the next presidential elections. Normally, depending on the approval or rejection of the presidents in office, it can be seen reflected in how the political map is shaped.

For example, Democrats are at risk of losing control of Congress. Today they control it with a tie of 50 senators (defined by Vice President Kamala Harris) and with only 9 representatives difference in the House.

Additionally, Trump plans, not only that the Congress and the governorship remain in control of the Republican Party, but also that they be faithful to him . Precisely, in the last elections, when he lost against Joe Biden, he refused to accept the results and denounced fraud, without presenting evidence, in several states where Republican governors were in office, such as Georgia and Arizona, or in states controlled by Democrats, such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

However, today, it is possible to highlight that the Republican Party will be molded to the ideas of the New Yorker. This is regardless of whether Trump manages to win the presidential candidacy for the 2024 elections or is capable of defeating current President Joe Biden. Trump will continue to wield power, whether from the White House or from his mansion at Mar-a-Lago.

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