Gallery: The LGBTIQ+ Struggle In History

Gay Pride Month has recently concluded, and as the Trans Pride parade takes place, we reflect on the ongoing struggle of the LGBTIQ+ community

Flag of the LGBTIQ+ fight

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After celebrating the most recent month of LGBTIQ+ pride, it is time to remember the most outstanding moments of the LGBT fight . Whether they are moments to commemorate or celebrate, both are necessary to understand the search for rights and equality of a sector of the population that has historically been violated, persecuted, stigmatized and discriminated against.

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Despite the fact that in most of the planet June is considered the month of gay pride and LGBTIQ+, in other countries it is different. In Uruguay, the march for diversity is in September and in Colombia , the march will also be on July 2 and 9 (I march trans).

Currently, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Cuba are the Latin American countries that allow marriage between same-sex couples. Estonia is the country that most recently approved it. From January 1, 2024, people of the same sex will be able to marry in this European country.

Beyond these dates, the day of trans visibility, the international day of asexuality, the day of lesbian visibility, the international day against LGBTIphobia, among many other important dates that have marked the fight for human rights, also stand out.

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