Latin America in Short: Miracles in Syria and Turkey | Friction between Colombia and Peru

This week there have been new rescues in Syria and Turkey after the earthquake on February 6. In Latin America, Colombia and Peru are experiencing a diplomatic crisis. This and more summarized here.

Earthquake and Flags of Colombia and Peru

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In global news, rescues in Syria and Turkey continued this week after the earthquake on February 6. On the other hand, the male contraceptive that inhibits fertility for a few hours is already being tested. In environmental news, the UN warns of the possible disappearance of cities due to rising sea levels. In Latin America, Peru and Colombia are going through a diplomatic crisis. Finally, in sports, the Champions League returns while Barcelona faces legal problems. All summarized here.

Earthquake rescues continue in Turkey and Syria

Even after 240 hours of the fateful earthquake that caused the collapse of hundreds of buildings in Turkey and Syria, rescue bodies continue to register people found.

From minors to women over 70 years of age have been saved from the rubble. This news that has arrived in recent days fills the rescue forces with hope and thousands of relatives who still hold out hope that the disappeared can be found alive. However, already with less probabilities.

However, the death toll rises to more than 42,000 due to the havoc caused on February 6, when a 7.8 earthquake devastated several areas on the border between Turkey and Syria. As the days and hours go by, the probability of continuing to find these "miracles" (as the people rescued under the rubble have been called) decreases. Several groups of foreign rescuers have already started their return home. The authorities estimate that there are about 8,000 foreign rescuers and aid workers who entered Turkey from 74 different countries. As of Thursday, approximately 4,200 operators from 15 countries have already returned home.

Bilateral relations between Colombia and Peru enter into crisis

Colombian President Gustavo Petro has been one of the most critical voices in the region against the interim government of Dina Boluarte. His constant criticism of the current Peruvian president, the police forces and their actions against protesters have aroused nonconformity in Lima. After the Peruvian Foreign Ministry denounced Petro's words, the Congress of the Inca country recently named the Colombian president as persona non grata and dismissed the Colombian's statements as "interference." This would prevent Petro from entering Peru. One of the main Peruvian newspapers, El Comercio, even dismissed the Colombian president's statements about the situation in Peru as "Petro hoaxes."

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Peru has been in a political and social crisis for more than 2 months after the self-coup attempt and subsequent arrest of the leftist president Pedro Castillo. This fact caused thousands of supporters of the politician to protest this measure and ask to advance general elections. This has left more than 60 dead in the midst of protests and clashes between protesters and public forces.

Colombia and Peru have been allies in recent decades and are part of integration groups such as Unasur, OEA, the Andean Community and the Pacific Alliance.

They create a male contraceptive that inhibits fertility for a few hours

A group of researchers from the Weill Cornell School of Medicine in the United States have developed a possible non-hormonal contraceptive for men that would work for a period of about 24 hours. This drug would be made of a molecule called TDI-11861 that blocks sperm function. At the moment, tests have been done in mice that show that the next day the spermatozoa would return to their natural functions. Likewise, it is estimated that the pill does not affect ejaculation or sexual desire. This is good news, however, tests are still needed for it to be commercialized.

Possible disappearance of cities due to the rise in sea level urges us to rethink legislation

At the last UN Security Council, António Guterres called for rethinking the measures to deal with the rise in sea level, with its implications for world peace and security. The more degrees the temperature increases due to global warming, the more the sea level will rise. This means that many cities are under threat of disappearing. This poses challenges that require significant planning and review of legislation. "It will generate possible disputes related to territorial integrity and maritime spaces, in addition to causing large population displacements that will have to be considered from the perspective of refugee rights," he said. However, the main thing is to accelerate mitigation measures.

The Champions League returns

This week the round of 16 of the most important tournament at club level in the old continent has begun. In the first commitments we have seen a hectic pace, with great surprises and unforeseen results. The teams that have emerged victorious in these first legs have been Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Benfica. These squads will have to wait until the first week of March to dispute the return of these keys, which could leave big surprises in the definition of the qualifiers for the next round of this magnificent competition.

Legal problems for Barcelona

FC Barcelona has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent days, as Spain's Cadena SER has revealed documents confirming the payment of 1.4 million euros to José María Enríquez Negreira between 2016 and 2018, while this He served as vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees. With this payment, the Catalan club was looking for exhaustive information on the different referees in the Santander League. Faced with this scandal, the Blaugrana team could have a sports and economic sanction, which would come after the investigation by the Prosecutor's Office.

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