Avalanche in Libya: These Are the Figures Left by Cyclone Daniel

This weekend Cyclone Daniel passed through Derna, a city in Libya. The floods have left up to 10,000 missing, according to the Red Cross. Here we tell you more .

Destruction in the city of Derna, the most affected by torrential rains

Photo: EFE/ Communication Department of the Libyan Government via social network


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Some 10,000 people affected by a cyclone in northeastern Libya are missing , leading to fears that the fatalities of this natural disaster are more than the nearly 2,400 reported so far by the authorities, according to information from the representative of the largest network. relief of the world.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) delegate Tamer Ramadan said Cyclone Daniel has been as devastating in Libya as the major earthquake that hit Morocco.

Red Cross and Red Crescent overwhelmed

"We can confirm that thousands of people have lost their lives, thousands are missing and thousands have lost their homes, but the final numbers will be established by our teams who are assessing the situation on the ground," he said.

The International Health Organization (WHO) maintained that the cyclone was of "epic proportions" and that it has sent a first shipment with forty tons of aid that should arrive shortly in the affected area.

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"We are doing everything we can to provide first aid, evacuate wounded, offer psychosocial support and other humanitarian services, but the needs are gigantic and far exceed the capacity of the Libyan Red Crescent and the government itself ," Ramadan explained.

Communications represent a major problem due to the lack of electricity, and the interruption of mobile telephone and internet services in the areas affected by the cyclone, which arrived last Sunday in the city of Derna, the most damaged.

Derna: the most affected by Cyclone Daniel

That coastal town is the fourth most populated in the country with about 120,000 inhabitants at the time of the natural disaster.

In these circumstances, the authorities that govern the east of the country have requested international help.

"We ask our international partners to refocus on Libya and give all the support they can to move forward," Ramadan said.

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