Mikaila Ulmer: Transforming Fear Into Success

Mikaika was motivated by her interest in supporting these wonderful little beings who do so much good for the planet.

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Me&the Bees Lemonade was the result of transforming the fear of a girl who suffered the painful experience of being stung by bees, and what initially was a cause for tears and anguish, turned into an opportunity that matured into a million-dollar industry. In a wonderful book, one of those that grandmothers keep, she found a recipe that includes lemon, mint, and flax seeds that have been delicious, innovative, and successful.

Initially, like all preteens, she opted to set up a small booth at a fair in Austin Texas, where she is from, and in which people who enjoyed her refreshing drink immediately congratulated her and gave voices of encouragement. So, that experience prompted her to continue setting up her small stand in the neighborhood three times a year for four years, which was obtained thanks to her request for permission before Congress to allow her to do it in front of her house, permission that was later granted. extended to all boys in the state of Texas in the United States. At eleven years old, during the United State of Women Conference event to which she was invited, she had the opportunity to serve former President Barak Obama a glass of her delicious lemonade.

A key element worth mentioning has been the strong and constant support of her parents and family, who accompanied her to present her idea on the Shark Tank program when she was still a very young girl and have not stopped taking her by the hand ever since, so that each step guarantees advancement and progress until it leads to the immense industry that it manages today.

The giant seat for his industry at the time was represented by the supermarket company in the United States Whole Foods when he offered the incredible amount of eleven million dollars for Mikaila to authorize the sale of his lemonade in his stores in various states of the country, which today represents the presence of Me&theBees Lemonade in 6,000 commercial establishments.

Its offer portfolio for this product has five varied and delicious flavors, mixes with added ginger and other elements such as iced tea, which makes them a beneficial proposal for health while being refreshing and delicious. The figures for the previous year in sales have represented more than a million bottles a year.

She is currently the executive director of her company, a permanent and determined activist in the movements that seek the protection of bees, even creating a foundation in this sense, allocating a percentage of the profits to support the ecosystem that has this same purpose.

“Bee Fearless, Dream Like a Kid” is a book authored by her, in which she expresses her experiences and experiences and in which she announces her motto Dream big and don’t forget to dream as a child. You can follow her on social networks as @mikailabees.

This story of Mikaila can represent an opportunity to think and reflect, on how some childhood experiences, which could have become traumatic and could even have entrenched fear of bees, with a different vision and taking into account the opportunity to find a dynamic element, in this case, a recipe book, transformed the life of this young entrepreneur and led it to be a dream and a perfectly structured project, combining family elements with a solid structure as a business model, adding the protection of a species, and so on achieve success and sustainability.

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