Fashion in Russia 2018: which are the best shirts of the World Cup?

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What inspired designers of brands such as Adidas and Nike to create these uniforms?

Fashion in Russia 2018: what are the best shirts of the World Cup?

The uniforms of the national teams are one of the favorite themes of the World Cup. This year, which is the most beautiful shirt? What inspired designers of brands such as Adidas and Nike to create these uniforms?

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Colombia: the most beautiful

By March of this year, only 19 teams had made public the shirts they would use for the Russian championship. However, the British tabloid 'Mirror' made a top with these 19 garments, in which the best was that of Nigeria.

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"It's amazing, frankly, and will make us all Super Eagles during the summer," wrote the English media, hinting at the nickname with which the African team is known.

However, in the second place was Colombia, being the best Latin American shirt in the ranks, followed by Argentina, in the tenth place; Brazil in 11; Uruguay in 14 and Mexico in 15.

However, the surprise for Colombia was greater, when climbing a position in the last ranking exposed by The Telegraph, last May. In the top of the London newspaper, the yellow shirt of the national team was the most beautiful of the 64 that will take place in the World Cup in Russia, counting the local and visitor of each team.

"The first impression was that the yellow did not shine as much as in the previous World Cup (...) Without the winter and with the sunrise, we can see what this Colombian equipment really has: it borders on perfection; is our winner ", was The Telegraph's analysis of the Colombian garment.

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In second place was the shirt of Germany (local), followed by the one of Brazil (visitor). While the "less beautiful" was the holder of the selection of Switzerland.

The 'retro' takes the World

Of the 32 football teams participating in the FIFA World Cup, 12 of them are equipped by Adidas.

The German sportswear brand outperforms the American, Nike, which makes the uniforms of ten national combos.

Therefore, the retro fashion that Adidas chose for their respective teams will be the one that most prevails in the next world championship.

Based on the shirts of the 80s and 90s, the designers of this multinational decided to remember in Russia 2018 great moments lived by the teams they wear during these decades.

Among the shirts of the Latin American teams, those from Argentina and Colombia stand out.

The jacket that Argentina will wear is inspired by the garment worn by the 'gauchos' in the 1993 Copa América; the last great glory achieved by the football team of this country.

"The laurels run in a modern pixel optic to offer a contemporary look and you can find two gold stars above the badge, in celebration of the two World Cups harvested," said Adidas.

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For its part, the shirt of the Colombian team evokes the one used by the 'coffee' cast in the 1990 World Cup, in which they made it to the knockout stages of the competition. This had been the best participation of Colombia in the history of the World Cups, before reaching the quarterfinals in the last World Cup in Brazil 2014.

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Also, European teams such as Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Russia will carry the memory of old achieved glory or teams that, even without winning anything, deserve to be in the memory of their fans.


Latin American Post | Christopher Ramírez Hernández

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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