Strong by Zumba: bring rhythm to your exercise routine

This high-intensity functional training will be the most fun and effective option for this year's 'bikini operation'

Strong by Zumba: bring rhythm to your exercise routine

Alberto "Beto" Pérez, the same Colombian who in the mid-60s brought us the popular Zumba that managed to reach 190 countries and have millions of followers, now comes with a new training that consists of mixing high-intensity training exercises, movements of strength and cardio, with the music of Zumba.

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"It's a fantastic exercise because you do not need more than your own body, a prepared instructor and music. In one hour you do a very complete workout. It is perfect for people who have little time, and can practice all equally, regardless of age, but they are without injuries or impediments, of course", says Nicolás Aimeale, master trainer in Argentina and throughout Latin America.

According to the official website of STRONG by Zumba, the key to training is to use accelerated rhythms such as EDM, Hip-Hop and fusion genres such as Moombahton to ensure that students, instead of focusing on reps, focus 100% on their movements. In order to have exclusive themes and create a unique effect in class, they have partnered with some of the best music producers such as Timbaland and Steve Aoki.

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In addition, contrary to other disciplines, this training incorporates exercises that do not require extra elements since they use the body's own weight; such as high knees, burpees, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and kickboxing. In an hour of class burn between 700 and 800 calories approximately while toning arms, legs, ab muscles, and glutes.

"The digital support of this platform is important, because the brand from its page www.strongbyzumba.com spreads monthly the contents so that the trained instructors have the material of the new series and the music that the engineers are creating, besides having a registration of classes and schedules throughout the region, "says Caro Sukis, an Argentine instructor of the discipline and influencer in the world of fitness.

On the other hand, Strong by Zumba offers specific training to those who wish to become instructors, but as in any high-intensity fitness training that involves high levels of effort and physical exertion, it is recommended that applicants have additional certifications that will allow to offer a safe and accident-free practice.

If you want to know if you are made for this training here we leave you a video of 20 minutes that will allow you to take your body to the limit and have fun from home:

If you want to find a class near you you can access the official site and follow the instructions. Do not forget to bring your sneakers, a mat, gloves for floor exercises, a towel and lots, lots of water.

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