Argentina: This is the Jujuy exhibition at the MACLA

The Museum of Contemporary Art welcomes artists from Jujuy for the first time

Argentina: This is the Jujuy exhibition at the MACLA

For the first time at the Museum of Latin American Contemporary Art of La Plata in Argentina (MACLA), works by artists from the province of Jujuy can be appreciated. Until October 28, you can visit the North Wind exhibition: Visual Arts of Jujuy. María Ester David, Alejandro López, and Marcelo Coca are only 3 of the 19 artists participating in the exhibition. Viento Norte, in its essence, concentrates the problem of globalization and manages the game of opposition between what it is proper and what it is foreign.

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In the exhibition, you can see a complex and varied collection of works, techniques, and styles where three generations of artists, their studies, and workshops coexist with the naturalness of self-taught. The wind, sun, desert, gorges, and valleys of the land of Jujuy are characteristic of some of the works that will star in the exhibition, and more than land as a place of birth, earth is conceived as the essential and what is appropriated. In this case, that appropriation is evidenced through art.


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Some of the techniques that will be exposed are painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, engraving, and drawing. The call of the artists was carried out by the curator Sergio Cruz, also from the province of Jujuy. Cruz aims to make known artists from the north to participate professionally in national and international exhibitions. This purpose is also seeked by the teacher and artist Ana Aldaburo, who shaped the event.


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MACLA is one of the most important museums in South America, so it is an important commitment to open spaces for works of the province.


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Argentina: Conoce la exposición de Jujuy en el MACLA"

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