Do not lose money, take care of the mental health of your workers

Disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolarity, and attention deficit cost approximately US $ 1 billion annually in lost productivity to the global economy

Do not lose money, take care of the mental health of your workers

According to data provided by WHO, one in five people may suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or attention deficit disorder in their best years of work.

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These disorders, which are the most common mental illnesses, cost the world economy $ 1 billion annually in lost productivity.

On the other hand, according to a report by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions "Workplace mental health and wellbeing", the symptoms of poor mental health are manifested in 84% of employees in a physical, psychological or behavioral way.

Geseme analyzes the report and points out that symptoms such as depression can result in five days of work lost and 11.5 days of reduced productivity every three months, which costs 200 million days of work lost annually in the US. UU and results in a total loss of productivity of $ 17 to $ 44 billion.

On the other hand, according to Triora, it is estimated that stress in the workplace in the EU has a cost that amounts to 20 million euros a year and the International Labor Organization (ILO) figures it at approximately 3% of EU GDP.

This is why WHO publishes a list of work factors that can generate poor mental health:

• Inadequate safety and health protection policies; taking into account that 67% of employees feel embarrassed when talking about their mental health problems with their employer.
• Low level of employee support.
• Rigid work schedules.
• Low decision-making power of the worker or lack of control of his work area.
• Lack of clarity in the areas or organizational objectives.
• Assignment of tasks that do not fit their competences.

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Given these risk factors, the World Economic Forum recommends making the mental health of workers a priority in the work environment through different practices:

• Develop the positive aspects of the work and the qualities and capabilities of the staff to promote good mental health.
• Try to solve mental health problems, regardless of their cause.
• Do not reinvent the wheel and look at the measures adopted by other companies.
• Know the needs of each worker and the opportunities available.
• Promote the participation of staff in decisions, transmit a sense of control and participation and implement practices in the organization that promote a healthy balance between work and personal life.
• Offer employees professional development programs.
• Apply and enforce safety and health protection policies and practices to detect pathological stress, diseases and the harmful consumption of psychoactive substances, as well as provide resources for this.
• Inform workers that they can ask for help.
• Recognize and reward the contribution of the staff.


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