What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartwatch?

The smartwatch has come to complement the use of a smartphone, but is it worth buying it?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartwatch?

This last decade, large companies such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, among others, have taken technology to the clocks, making that beyond giving the time, having functions similar to those of a smartphone.

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According to CEAC, smartwatches, in simple terms, are small computers that you can carry on your wrist. They have ta ouch screen, Wi-Fi, memory, camera and other features that completely differentiate it from a conventional clock.


Perhaps the main advantage of a smart watch is the speed with which you can check the notifications that have reached your smartphone, which must previously be associated with the watch, avoiding the need to search for your cell phone or simply take it out of your pocket.

In some cases, people do not perceive when a notification comes to their phone, either because it is vibrating, or they do not carry it in their pocket. Smartwatches will allow you to quickly notice a new notification and read them promptly.

In addition, according to the web portal CNET, there are clocks that allow you to answer calls, messages and emails, thanks to the fact that your operating system has a touch keyboard or have microphones and speakers to carry out a call.

Health and sport

For a person who practices regular exercise or simply worries about their health care, smartwatches can be an important tool for their sports routines.

This is since some smartwatches include sensors that will allow calculating the calories lost, the distances traveled, the altitude, the heart rate and more. In addition to being waterproof in most models, explains the CNET portal.

For example, Samsung's range of smartwatches, "include reminders to breathe calmly when it detects that the user has a high heart rate," says Gizmodo.

Another important aspect highlighted by CNET is the versatility of the smart watch for those who do not like to carry any device when exercising. With a smartwatch, you can monitor your physical activity, listen to music, have GPS and even make payments, if the store has a payment system with the NFC chip.

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And is that mobile payments are a highlight of smart watches, although this technology to pay without using chip cards is already available in many smartphones, Andro4All notes that smartwatches with Wear Os operating system Google - may make payments after registering your bank card in Google Pay and go to a business compatible with this type of payment. This means that the user can make bank payments from his smart watch.


A disadvantage that explains CNET, is the size that smartwatches usually have, being quite large for the wrist and tastes of many people. The screen of these devices is usually 42mm or more. Their thickness also gives them a gigantic appearance, since they exceed 10mm, being uncomfortable for people with small wrists.

Despite its large size, the screens are still small when using them to write or other functions, and more at a time when smartphones increase the size of their screens to more than 5 inches.

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More chargers

Another problem is the fact of having to worry about the battery of another device, since smart watches such as the Apple Watch 2, has an estimated duration of 18 hours according to Apple's specifications, although some other brands claim to surpass an entire day of use.


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