Law projects: this is the panorama in these 3 Latin American countries

In the Congresses of Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, laws are being approved as part of policies to help the welfare of their people

Law projects: this is the panorama in these 3 Latin American countries

Argentina: the Labor Reform Law continues without advancing

One of the main problems that Argentina is facing and that must attend politically is that 4.5 million Argentines are working in informality, so it is urgent to create a policy that formalizes the work and thus help to restore pension contributions, health, and others to the Government, because today these revenues for the State are low, destabilizing the economy, says Infobae.

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But the policy, within the Labor Reform Law, that the Government is seeking is to give "an amnesty to the employer in the unpaid social security taxes, with the condition that it declare the labor relationship", in order to be certain that it is making its contributions, says the aforementioned media.

However, according to La Nación de Argentina, the Labor Reform Law will not be discussed in the remainder of 2018, although it will have until 2020 to be debated and possibly approved. In other words, progress in labor matters since Congress is slow and the map of informality could continue its growth.

Colombia makes the Ministry of Sport real

The plenary session of the Senate of the Republic approved the law that sought to convert Coldeportes IGNORE INTO the Ministry of Sports. According to the page of the Senate, the legislative initiative does not "create any budgetary impact, nor additional expenses for the National Government".

The different groups voted in favor of the 17 articles contained in the bill. However, the only one that was discussed was the headquarters of the new ministry. Some argued that the move to another city would slow the administrative procedures, while others suggest that it was necessary to decentralize the headquarters of the State. After the debate, the plenary voted with 65 votes in favor and 11 against, so that the headquarters of the nascent ministry is located in Cali, Valle del Cauca.

The employees of Coldeportes will not be without work, now they will be part of the Ministry of Sport automatically, which has "a budget of 570 billion pesos approved for 2018 and no other expenses will be incurred, since the transformation will be carried out of form, but not of structure, explained the speaker of the project, senator Roosevelt Rodriguez Rengifo (Party of the U)", clarifies the official website of the Senate. The aforementioned budget will be transferred by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

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Mexico advances sustainable policy

The draft Law on the Right to Access, Disposal and Sanitation of Water in Mexico City, which has been tested in Congress, is undoubtedly an important step forward in sustainable matters since no special equipment will be installed to collect rainwater in the buildings public of the Mexican capital.

The idea is that, in the first instance, the aforementioned teams are put IGNORE INTO colonies, neighborhoods, and villages to reuse the water in a non-potable manner, covering needs "such as cleaning, industrial processes, sanitation, irrigation and recharging underground reserves", according to it indicates to Aristegui News, María Guadalupe Aguilar Solache, president of the Commission of Integral Management of the Water.

"Mexico receives 1,489,000 thousand cubic meters of water due to rain, between the months of July and September, of which only six percent infiltrate in a natural way to recharge the aquifers," says the aforementioned newspaper. of the Aguilar Solache.

This sustainable policy, approved in the proposed bill, will ensure that the water cost is much lower, avoiding high charges on services and future water waste, in a city with millions of inhabitants. For now, the bill is focused on Mexico City, but if it works, it could be extended to the whole country.


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