These are the results of the G20

The G20 in Argentina was marked by a weak agreement for climate change that the United States did not support

This are the results of the G20

The G20 in Argentina was marked by a weak agreement for climate change that the United States did not support. Also, in the document agreed in the G20 it was agreed to support the International Monetary Fund and fight corruption.

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Despite the call of the scientific community in the United Nations to reduce global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius, the United States was the only one that did not commit itself with the other countries to achieve the goal. According to the final document of the G20, in information collected by the newspaper Portfolio, USA. "reaffirms its strong commitment to economic growth and access to and security of energy, using all energy sources and technologies, protecting the environment."

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The world expected a more decisive stance from the US and the countries that make up the G20, because climate change continues to occur, as, for example, with the melting of the north and south poles, responsible for maintaining the stable temperature in the whole planet, the deforestation of the Amazon that ends little by little with one of the vital lungs of the Earth, the irresponsibility of some oil companies that continue throwing their toxic waste IGNORE INTO the environment and human behavior in front of the waste management that is They consume daily and end up at sea.

In terms of trade, the G20 document states that the World Trade Organization (WTO) must be reformed, since the promotion, increase and generation of employment is not being met.

According to the quoted media, "The IMF was considered crucial for global economic security. The text advocates providing adequate funds and completing the process of quota reform for the boreal spring meetings of the agency in 2019. The quotas determine the weight (right to vote) of each member.

Corruption, with cases as famous as Odebrecht, that bleed Latin America, simply summarized with the following words issued in the G20 document: "The G20 is committed to preventing and fighting corruption and lead by example."

Educating girls and strengthening gender equality with new jobs that increase by 25% is the goal of G20 leaders, because in countries, according to the UN, there are still gaps in this area where women earn less That men. Within this theme in the official G20 document, a call was made for jobs that are "inclusive, fair and sustainable".

In an Argentina that is currently through an economic crisis that increases inflation levels, the G20 communiqué is important, because it shows that despite this situation, this country managed to make commitments in social, economic and environmental matters.

Trump and Macri agreed that China is today a predatory machine of economies since it is penetrating the commerce in all parts of the world not only with its products but with its cheap labor for the countries in which it is expensive. This is what Todo Noticias from Argentina points out.

This is the final G20 document

The communiqué of the G20 by on Scribd


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