María José Benvenuto: The Chilean artist you should know about

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The study of the stain and an interesting combination of contrasts make the work of the artist something interesting to know

María José Benvenuto: The Chilean artist you should know

The Chilean María José Benvenuto is an emerging plastic artist of 26 years. She studied Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Chile, where she claims to have learned to sensitize her eye and all art techniques. But she gives fundamental importance to the practice and learning she acquired with her own experiences when traveling and her motivation to learn new techniques of contemporary painting.

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Her work is focused on the experimentation between material nature and color, in order to expose the different pictorial processes and find a dreamy dimension in these, a material game that makes her pieces unique. In her productions she uses drips, broad stroke, and brushstrokes, styles through which she invents geometric shapes that rest in curves and spaces of color, controlling the path of the spreading stains and the interaction they have with their tones.



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Through her work expresses a body language that oscillates between contrasts such as:

• Determination and subtlety

• Transparency and density

• Static and kinetic

• Chance and control



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The artist seeks to transmit a story in each work through the characters, her stories are open to the eye of the viewer so that he creates his own. María José's idea is that, from the spot, she creates an atmosphere and the characters put together the scene, so that each work is different and in each of them a different story is lodged.

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In 2015 she made the series "Opposites", in 2016 she developed the series "Three Times", for 2017 she carried the individual exhibition "Active" and in the present year, 2018, she carried out "Canvas Studio" and the exhibitions individual "Histories" and "Fragments". Much of the production carried out between 2017 and 2018 has focused on what is the study of the stain as a theme for a work with abstract and expressionist style, where the liquid of some of these stains reflect how young the painting is. Benvenuto The way in which the stain is spread in the work keeps secrets, some of these can be discovered by the viewer and then be surprised to see that what was thought of the message and theme of the image was not really that way.



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Benvenuto participated in Cat Editions Art in August of this year with a group of Chilean artists who were asked to express their work on a classic black backpack that is a must in the city in Chile . The artist is a lover of primary colors and of the city as a space to interact.


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Translated from: 'María José Benvenuto: La artista chilena que debes conocer'

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