Christmas is coming: how to buy safe online

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With the approach of the Christmas holidays the cases of theft, electronic scams, and phishing increase, so we give you some recommendations on how to buy safe online

Christmas is coming: how to buy safe online

With the approach of the Christmas holidays, many users decide to make their purchases over the Internet, which is presented as a quick and convenient alternative to avoid full malls.

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Even in countries where electronic commerce has not yet developed widely, online sales tend to double in the Christmas season.

To make secure transactions, ESET Latin America, a computer security company, recommends having some good basic practices in mind when making purchases online.

"Among the main risks to which the user can be exposed when resorting to e-Commerce services for their purchases can be mentioned the electronic scams, the theft of personal data and phishing," said Raphael Labaca Castro, Coordinator of Awareness & Research of ESET Latin America.

According to Phishlabs, a quarter of all phishing attacks, known as identity theft, are now done on HTTPS sites, while two years ago it was less than 1%.

In addition, his report reveals that more than 80% of users believe that the mere presence of a green padlock and the words "It is safe" next to the URL means that a site is safe and, therefore, do not think twice. times when entering your data.

How to buy safe?

1. Make sure the page you're buying from is not suspicious. Some hackers create fake websites that can infect you. In addition, if you complete a payment process, you will give the criminals important information such as your credit card information, name, and address.

To realize you can search for strange contact information, ridiculously low prices, simple and ugly designs, and suspicious URLs. Always check the name of the domain very carefully, since the name of a fake site can be differentiated only by one character.

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2. Make sure you have an updated browser when you order things online. Frequently unpatched software is a cause of malware infections, so updating it will help protect your cookies and cache, while preventing a data leak.

3. The newspaper El Universal recommends that, when buying for the first time on a page, or if you have doubts about its intentionality, it is advisable to compare and search for information or opinions about them.

4. Change your access codes regularly and do not use the same password for all your accounts.

5. Finally, using public WiFi networks can be a risk to exchange sensitive information, as traffic through the network can be intercepted. In this case, it is recommended to use your own network or a VPN when making transactions.


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