Increase your breast milk production with these 7 tips

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Here are some useful tips you can take into account to increase your breast milk production

Increase your breast milk production with these 7 tips

We have already spoken several times about the importance of breast milk for the correct development of the child. This is why many mothers are concerned if their production is low or sufficient and if their baby is receiving the nutrients they need to grow healthy.

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According to Pilar Martínez, author of the guide 'The 5 steps to succeed in your breastfeeding', for the Consumer newspaper, the best way to increase milk production is to "put the baby to the breast many times, every time ask for it or it seems that it is going to ask for it ".

However, there are some other useful tips that you can take into account to increase your breast milk production:

1. Lactation on demand consists of feeding the baby whenever he needs it, which will ensure that the child will not go hungry. According to the child's guide, during the first weeks, your baby should make about 8-10 shots every 24 hours.

2. Find a comfortable position to breastfeed and, when your little one is sucking, you can help by compressing the breast with your hands to increase the flow of milk. Let your baby suck all the food from one breast and change it from the side, usually, an empty breast fills up quickly.

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3. Make use of breast pumps between taking and take, especially during the first weeks of lactation in which it is likely that the baby does not suck all the food. Extract a little or massage the breasts to keep active the necessary stimulation and produce milk even if the baby is not eating.

4. Remember that nutrition plays a fundamental role in the production of milk. According to Bekia Padres, you should not perform any diet to lose weight while you are feeding your baby, you should eat about 2500 kcal a day, consume a variety of foods from all food groups and drink a glass of water or another drink to replenish fluids.

5. During the first days, you should rest properly while your body adapts to the new situation. Avoid situations of stress or anxiety.

6. In some occasions some supplements can be used to stimulate milk production, called galactagogues; among them, one of them is domperidone. However, the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) states that these supplements should not be used too long or without medical supervision, because they could have side effects.

7. According to the newspaper Somos Mama,s you should avoid giving your baby a pacifier during the first ten days, since the suction that he practices with it is very different and, by offering a pacifier prematurely, the baby will imitate the same type of suction with the baby. chest and will not be fed effectively.


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