Fights, drugs and alcohol: the delays of Tottenham

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The remodeling of the house of Tottenham of England goes for long, not for its difficulty or lack of economic resources, but for its workers

Fights, drugs and alcohol: the delays of Tottenham

Alcohol, fights and drug use, these have been the consequences of the delay in the remodeling of 'Tottenham Hotspur Stadium', as indicated by a study conducted by the specialized portal Construction News and that was replicated by the English media, including the famous Daily Mail.

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The chaos that has caused the nearly 4 thousand employees that are part of the construction, has delayed at least four times the works and now point to end in mid-2019, so the team led by Mauricio Pochettino will continue playing in Wembley Stadium, the home of the national team.

"In the works, there was an atmosphere of bad communication and even of fights between the more than 4 thousand workers that joined the project [...] to drink alcohol and to consume drugs" during working hours, they were the indications that the report recounts and which were collected by English means.

The 'Spurs' played in the White Hart Lane with capacity for 36 thousand people until the end of the 2016/2017 season to then be demolished and make way for the construction of the new scenario that will receive 62 thousand fans , being the fifth largest of the United Kingdom after Wembley, Millenium Stadium, Old Trafford and the London Olympic.

Stadiums in figures

Money is not everything. Despite having the resources amounting to 850 million pounds sterling, just over a billion dollars, the report argues that what would normally take a week was a month, problems in the air conditioning and electrical installations, and some Continuous "comic" failures were the causes of construction delays. Now, the other English Premier League teams are also beginning to lose patience, complaining that the Wembley stadium turf, temporary home of Tottenham, is not in good condition and is not built to withstand everything to which It has been submitted.

But in reality, the total figure that Tottenham will have to pay for his new home is also uncertain. According to the Telegraph, several sources within the construction world assure that it will be impossible to complete the stadium for less than one billion pounds, as the club had initially proposed, and that the price would actually be closer to 1.2 billion. According to this medium, the increase in the cost is due to the fact that the club president, Daniel Levy, did not negotiate a fixed price with the construction company, and therefore, all the delays and setbacks of the work are now on their own.

The astronomical figure is not for less since the venue will house, in addition to football, the magic of the NFL with two games a year for the next 10 seasons. Likewise, it will organize concerts and multitudinous entertainment events.

These 'luxuries' will directly impact the cost of the ticket office for fans of the 'Spurs', creating three categories of prices and annual payments will range between 900 and 2 thousand 500 dollars.

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But will it be the most expensive in the world? We have the podium of the most expensive football stadiums, a study made by the newspaper AS before the beginning of the remodeling of the house of the 'Spurs'. In the third place is the Old Trafford or Theater of the Dreams, the house of Manchester United, with a value of 522 million dollars. In the second position, the Etihad Stadium is installed, scene of Manchester City, with a cost that exceeds 643 million dollars. And in the first place, according to AS, is the 'yard' of Arsenal, the Emirates Stadium, which is valued at 782 million dollars.


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