Which is the best Latin American airline?

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The growing competition between Avianca and Latam and its intention to dominate the market has led to the growth of its products and services

Which is the best Latin American airline?

Latin America is a region that is continuously growing, even in spite of the slowdown and especially in the financial and business sector, where there are great opportunities for expansion in contrast to more established markets such as North America or Europe. In the air transport sector, Latin American companies are making a great leap to be able to compete at different levels and, in this way, establish themselves as the best option in the region and strong competition abroad.

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Against this background, the two largest airlines in Latin America, Avianca, and Latam, constantly compete to obtain economic control of the region and offer better products and services increase in air transport. Avianca, the Colombian company, is the leader, for now, the panorama since it has been selected for six consecutive years as the best airline in Latin America by the survey conducted by Business Traveler North America. Avianca has a strong presence in the region and, through strategic alliances, such as the one it announced it would carry out with United Airlines and Copa, it is capable of having a significant international presence, offering a network that covers practically the entire world.

However, the Chilean airline Latam is not far behind, as its presence is increasingly widespread throughout the world and, pending the decision of its alliance with American Airlines, it may become the region's primary reference.

What is the new challenge for airlines?

The air transport market changes rapidly, and new business options appear that are competing greedily with the already established models. This is the case of low-cost airlines, which conceive flights as a mere transaction and remove the luxury that has usually been associated with airlines. This phenomenon is so impressive that, in the same survey that highlighted Avianca, easyJet triumphed as the airline of the year. This is a low-cost British airline that has imposed, along with others of the same style, a paradigm of how to fly pragmatically, especially Europe.

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And Latin America is not an exception. Wingo, the low-cost Colombian airline, owned by Copa Airlines, is a revolution and has been constituted in its short time of life as a plausible option for short trips that do not require more attention.

The new challenge, then, for Avianca and Latam, is to compete on all fronts. Although the passengers transported by Latin American airlines increase year after year, as reported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), having 2018 an increase of 6.9% over the previous year, the products can not always be the same. The markets are changing, and each specific country or region demands its own needs, both pragmatic flights as luxuries and exclusive services. Undoubtedly the alliances of both airlines strengthen their international image. However, it is necessary that these companies continue to be a safe transport option and operate independently, without being at the service of larger companies.


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