Michael Cohen: a fight between Democrats and Republicans

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Former Trump lawyer was before the House Oversight Committee, where he was questioned about the president's "dirty deeds"

Michael Cohen: a fight between Democrats and Republicans

After 3 years, Michael Cohen remains in the eye of the hurricane with statements that seek to incriminate Donald Trump for multiple facts. This time, it was his turn with the House Oversight Committee, where he was questioned by Republicans and Democrats about various issues. Cohen declared on different monies that he disbursed on behalf of the president, the links with Russia during the election campaign, the Trump tower that was to be built in Moscow and even Trump's latent racism.

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The last time Cohen had been at the center of public opinion was in December 2018, where he was sentenced to three years in prison for six crimes, including lying to the "United States Congress, tax evasion and violating laws of financing of the electoral campaigns of that country ", according to the BBC. Although he pleaded guilty to the crimes for which he is tried, he also stated that he did everything to cover up Donald Trump and assured that he can prove it.

After this he wanted to voluntarily attend a hearing to prove Trump's guilt. This fact took place on February 27, where Cohen brought evidence about the president's knowledge in all the issues for which he is accused.

Democrats vs. Republicans


Una publicación compartida de President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) el

One by one, the representatives of both parties interrogated the lawyer in a hearing that lasted several hours.

During the hearing, the essential attack of the members of the Republican Party was seen, while those of the Democratic Party sought the guilt of the current president of the United States. Even at certain times of the day, there were clashes between representatives of both parties, which ended up diverting the interrogation.

To the attacks by the representatives of the Republican Party, Cohen responded that he was declaring voluntarily because he thought that the Americans wanted -and should- have knowledge about what he knows about the president of the Nation. "I already confessed my mistakes, I thought I was here today to answer things about Trump. The Americans are not interested in knowing about my tax evasion, but what I know about Trump, and they have not asked me about that."

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Among the arguments of the Republicans, is the fact that Cohen lied on other occasions to Congress, so that would delegitimize him as a credible witness. In this way, they point out that the main witness of those who want to harm Trump, is not trustworthy. Likewise, they have focused on the tax evasion of Michael Cohen, and how it was for personal benefit and not in Trump's name, so the crimes of this man would not be related to the president.

One of them has even claimed that Cohen is giving statements against the President because of a resentment he has against him for not granting him a White House job, which Cohen has flatly denied. Affirming, moreover, that he was offered positions within it but he denied them because of the lawyer-client privilege he had.

Other topics discussed in the hearing have been the racism of Donald Trump. Which, one of the republican representatives rejected, assuring that he has never heard a racist comment, to which Cohen replied that a simple proof of that is that "how many high commanders in Trump Organization are black?"

On the other hand, members of the Democratic Party have focused on issues such as the money that was given to Cohen to pay for the silence of two women with whom he had had sex during the presidential elections. Regarding this, Cohen claimed to have 11 checks and other documents proving that this is true. In addition, regarding the lack of credibility, in contrast to the evidence he has, he said: "I went looking for all these weeks documents so they do not have to believe in me or my words, but in what I show them."


Una publicación compartida de President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) el

Democrats have also highlighted Trump's knowledge of Russia's impact on the presidential elections he won. Regarding this, the former lawyer of the president said that, although he did not have security from the previous ones, he could assure that "Mr. Trump does everything to win. His desire to win would make him work with anyone " (Mr Trump is all about winning (...) He's desire to win would've made him work with anyone)

He also said that Trump knew everything about the Trump Tower in Moscow, because, according to him, nothing happens without the president has knowledge, so he approves everything and Cohen was only the spokesman. The president's knowledge of what happened with Wikileaks was also discussed. "I mean, I knew that thousands of emails were going to come to light, although I did not know which specifically".

Cohen also affirmed that he is not the only one within the Trump Organization that commits such actions to cover up the president, since everyone within the organization knows that they must do it as a rule. In addition, he said that Trump speaks with certain codes to not say things, but those who are close to him, know what they should do.

The final declaration

Michael Cohen ended his statement by reading a letter in which he talks about the duty of Donald Trump as president of the United States, that he should respect the law, the families and the heroes of the Nation, as well as respect the media and take responsibility Of their acts. He also criticized the government's closure and called it "anti-American."

As for his actions, he accepted once again the guilt, but spoke of silence and complicity that still exist and that do not allow the free development of the Nation. He also said that his loyalty to Trump cost him everything, and that he expects other people who are blinded, as he was blinded, not to do the same because he lost his license, his freedom, his reputation, and so on.


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