How to organize your entire house in a week

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Follow these tips to organize your entire house in just one week

How to organize your entire house in a week

Maintaining an organized space is extremely important not only to be more productive, but also because disorder usually generates stress, increases the level of cortisol, and high levels of cortisol are associated with stomach and heart diseases. However, it is often difficult to find the time to organize the house, everything ends up acomulating and at the end organizing goes from being a simple task to being something chaotic.

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Here are some tips and steps so you can use to organize your house in a week; keep in mind that the time also varies in the availability of time you have, so we recommend you to spend a week either on vacation or in which you have more free time. We will also give you some tips so you can maintain that order for a long time.

Tips to keep in mind before you start

1. Get rid of things that you no longer use or that are no longer important to you. This step may sound simple, but the truth is that people find it difficult to get rid of objects for the simple fact that they believe that the more they have, the more prosperous they are, when they really do not. You can donate these objects, make a garage sale or throw them away, if necessary.

2. For things that you do not use but that have an emotional value for you, you must find a specific place for them.

3. Make a glider where you write how much time you will devote to each task you will perform throughout the week. Set aside spaces to go out for air, eat, and rest.

4. If you feel that your house is too big to just have a week to organize it, take two weeks and dedicate two days to each of the spaces or rooms.

5. Purchase or reuse plastic boxes to separate small utensils that would normally be in a tangled drawer among other utensils. Separate them and create a system of order that is practical for you.

6. If you feel discouraged, think that at the end of the week you will be in a clean , organized place that will make you feel much calmer because you will have downloaded a huge weight.

Day 1: Main Room

Starting in the main room can help you appropriate the process you are starting. Think of this space as the place where you rest and spend the night. It is your most intimate space.

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Start with your bedside table, remove everything you have inside and use a cleaning product that serves the material it is made of; separate what it is useful from what is not, and organically leaves what you still need. You can add a plant or a reading lamp if you want your space to be more pleasant. Finally change the laying of your bed. Remember to sweep or vacuum in difficult places as the corners of the room.

Day 2: Clothes closet

Remove all your clothes from the coat racks and the drawers, separate the clothes you will donate from the one you will throw, put each pile in a different bag. Then, clean your closet, wash it, and put cardboard or plastic boxes without a lid so you can separate the types of clothes you have. Fold or hang the clothes that you will keep. So you can make better use of your space you can use this method created by Marie Kondo, an expert in house order, to fold clothes:

Day 3: Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the places that should stay cleaner by its use. Start by removing all the mats, towels, and whatever you have on the shelves or in the shower. For the joints of the tiles you can use an old toothbrush and the cleaning product of your choice. After having chosen what you will keep, get rid of what you will no longer use. Put everything back in its place and add an air freshener so that the place smells good.

Day 4: Library

If you have a library, take out all the books and clean the covers, spine and finally clean the edge with a microfibre cloth (the part where you can see the leaves). You can organize them in alphabetical order, by size, by author or by type of literature, just try that the system you use is easy to remember so you can find them easily.

Day 5: Salt and dining

To organize your room, try to vacuum or clean the sofas and armchairs with a cloth and run them so that you can vacuum or sweep under them. We recommend you to change the position of these in the same room so that the dirt does not accumulate under them. If your coffee table is made of wood or glass you can add some coasters to avoid damaging the surface.

Add plants on the ground or on the table to give it more life. You can also add a piece of fabric in one of the armchairs to make it more pleasant.

Day 6: Patio of clothes and garden

For the patio of clothes, empty the washer and the dryer and clean them with a special product for this type of appliances. You can buy two plastic baskets, one for dirty clothes and one for clean and folded clothes. This will help you maintain order and do not leave dirty clothes on the floor of your room or in the washing machine.

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If you have a garden, pick up the dried and fallen leaves with a rake, you should not leave them on the floor of the plants that continue to grow, since they absorb the nutrients they need. If you're working on being more eco-friendly, you can add them to compost. So that your garden stays alive and beautiful, research on each of the species of plants you have and water them, fertilize them or fumigate them naturally according to their needs.

Day 7: Kitchen

The kitchen is the space that gets dirty most easily, because all the time is in use. To organize it, we recommend removing everything from the drawers and shelves, cleaning them, washing the utensils or leaving them in water to make it easier to remove the grease. Remember to separate what you will continue to use from what does not. Then put everything back in its place, remember that you can systematize it to find everything much easier, like for example: have a drawer only for the lids of the pots, one for the ladles, knives and grinders, etc. Do the same with food.

You can use the same trick of the old toothbrush to clean the joints of the tiles that we already mentioned.

To keep it organized think about the following: it is preferable that you wash a glass that you just used to wash 10 glasses that you left dirty for two days. Keep this thought for the entire order of your house: if you keep it clean, it is more difficult to disorganize it.


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