What will Nicolás Maduro and Vladimir Putin talk about?

The Russian president and his Latin American counterpart meet today in Moscow to discuss different issues.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin. / Via REUTERS

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Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, announced on September 24 that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will meet on Wednesday to discuss different issues concerning both nations.

Putin and Maduro will discuss the cooperative relations between the two countries and the attempts of other nations to interfere in the situation of the oil country. According to Portafolio, the leaders will also strengthen the alliances although the signing of agreements is not expected.

Nicolás Maduro said in his Twitter account that he will strengthen the positive and brotherhood relations that exist between Russia and the United States. "We arrived in the Russian Homeland to strengthen our historical and very positive relations of exchange and respect among our peoples. The brotherhood we have built over the years is a fundamental axis for the construction of the prosperous future of Venezuela", said Maduro.



The growing international pressure against the Maduro regime has forced him to renew and strengthen his alliances with the countries that still support him. In fact, Washington has imposed several sanctions on the Latin American country to pressure Maduro's exit from power and show his support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó. Given these actions, Russia has accused the United States of driving a coup in Venezuela.

In addition, the nations that make up the inter-American defense pact TIAR announced on September 23 the activation of the treaty to sanction senior officials of the Venezuelan government.

The meeting of Putin and Maduro will not be the only one to address the current crisis in the oil country. Donald Trump will meet with leaders of the region in the UN General Assembly to discuss the Venezuelan crisis.


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