Super Bowl: Shakira & JLo and 5 other amazing presentations

These two great women will be dominating, on February 2, the stage of the Super Bowl halftime show.

J Lo and Shakira in announcement of their presentation at the SuperBowl.

J Lo and Shakira in announcement of their presentation at the SuperBowl. / Taken from: instagram.com/shakira

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The news was released by Pepsi, who posted an image with the two divas on its social media. Now, we can expect for sure that there will be a lot of dancing and talent. The artists have had strong rivalries in the past, so this will be the opportunity to leave them behind and discard the entire audience.

With this announcement, and just to make the wait shorter, we remember some of the most impressive shows this celebration has had.


Two First time together on stage…on the world’s biggest stage. Welcome @jlo and @shakira to #PepsiHalftime #SBLIV @rocnation @nfl

Una publicación compartida por pepsi (@pepsi) el

The Super Bowl is the most important sporting event of the year in the United States, as it is the NFL final. But the part-time show has managed to cross American borders and has become a world-class show. The first time it had an artist was in 1993, and it began with the intention of not losing the audience during halftime. Now, more than 25 years later, it is almost as big and important as the event itself and gathers the audience from all over the world.

1. Michael Jackson

The part-time Super Bowl show had the honor of starting its tradition (1993) with the king of pop. Today, regardless of the number of artists and levels of shows we have seen, this is still the most epic.

With his iconic black suit with gold and white gloves, Michael Jackson went out to sing some of his greatest hits like Billie Jean and Black or White. As always with Jackson, the event was accompanied by messages of love with his song Heal the World.

2. Rolling Stones

In 2006, this 60s and 70s band took the stage that Michael Jackson once dominated. This group is the definition of American rock and with a platform in the shape of its logo: the remembered mouth with the tongue out, these rebels led by Mick Jagger rocked the stage.

Just imagine hearing a hymn like (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction on a stage of that size and at an event of such magnitude, or listen to Rough Justice while flags descend from the top of the stadium.

3. Madonna

The amazing show of Madonna in 2012 was the least that could be expected from the queen of pop. Only with the entrance we already knew that what was coming was large: dozens of warriors carrying the throne of a golden goddess. And that is how she is, extravagant, imposing and stylish.

She always surprises with new styles, but what remains the same are her hits, each better than the other, and her sensual dance. In her presentation, she went out to dance and sing with LMFAO, authors of the mega-hit Sexy and I know it and later with Ceelo Green. What started with a goddess entrance later became what looked like a school football game, with cheerleading and marching band.

4. Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé

In 2016, this part-time reached another level with the union of three popular singers of today's music. With many colors, characteristic of the spirit that Chris Martin transmits with Coldplay, and an audience singing with all their strength began this show featured a whole harmony and the string of different instruments.

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Later, Bruno Mars impressed, as always, with his incredible choreographies, his popular songs, and his incomparable style. Followed by the flow of Beyoncé, who, literally, lit the entire court. As if that were not enough, the three closed the show with a mash-up of several songs and projecting images of other past Super Bowl shows.

5. Prince

Many will be able to say that this is really the best show that Super Bowl halftime has seen, and it is likely. In 2007, a year after the Rolling Stones and with a very high rod, and under pyrotechnic games, Prince started dancing to the public with his usual swing.

With guitar solos and a style worthy of Prince, a marching band with fluorescent costumes seized the entire soccer field. Everything to be speechless. That, not to mention when the whole field turned purple when singing Purple Rain.

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