3 records that Liverpool has broken

Liverpool is having a season that leads it to continue breaking records .

Liverpool Football Club flag.

Liverpool Football Club flag. / Photo: Pixabay

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Liverpool seems to have no brake; The campaign that the English team is doing seems dreamy. It has not been enough to get the Champions or Club World Cup in the same year, now the "reds", nickname for which the team is known, wants to own the first position of the Premier League.

Their excellent performance has allowed them to continue with the good run, and proof of the above was the result of last day 22 of the English league, where Liverpool is closer than ever to be crowned champions of the Premier League.

The team led by the German Jürgen Klopp won against Mourinho's Tottenham in a game where the 'Spurs' did not have much participation in the first half of the game and when they revived in the second half, commanded by the opportunities created by Son Heung-min and Argentine Giovani Lo Celso, Tottenham's effort was not enough to tie the game. The match ended 1-0, when at minute 37, the Brazilian Roberto Firmino scored the winning goal, marking seven goals this season.

With this victory, Liverpool is unstoppable, because it has set several records with its excellent performance and from LatinAmerican Post we show you.

1. 61 of 63 possible points

The 'reds' achieved a unique brand in the Premier League: with the match of day 22 they managed to get 61 points out of 63 possible. As if the above was not incredible, Liverpool is undefeated in the Premier League after winning 20 of 21 games that have been played, regardless of missing one to be played, and as they go it seems that there will be no team that stops them.


With its 61 points in 21 games, the English team is enshrined as the first to reach that figure. The team is the first to reach these numbers not only in the Premier League but in the main European leagues.

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2. 38 games without losing

The victory of Tottenham not only made them reach 61 points in 21 games but also marks 378 undefeated days, which means being almost a season without losing. With this figure, Liverpool is able to get into the top 10 of the teams that have been undefeated for the longest time in the major leagues in Europe.


Klopp's Liverpool matched the Real Sociedad brand, who in the 1979/80 season managed to reach the 38 undefeated games. Even so, Liverpool has a long way to go because to get to the top spot it will have to beat the record that AC Milan currently has. The Italian team managed to be 58 undefeated games during the season between 1991 and 1993.

3. 585 minutes without receiving a goal

Clean sheets, or in English 'clean sheets', refers to a term in which the defense and the goalkeeper stand out for not allowing a ball to enter inside the arch. In this way, the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson with important defenses such as Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson or Joe Gómez on his side, have achieved Liverpool to be 585 minutes without receiving a goal.

In addition, the goalkeeper has also managed to keep as many “clean sheets” as goals conceded in his 51 games played in the Premier League.

The numbers of the English club seem to favor it in the best way, and its results are expected to give them to be able to obtain the titles in the Premier League, one that they have not celebrated for 30 years. Well, how Klopp is saying, titles are valued more than records.

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