The secrets of the success of Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone became one of the most popular games in the quarantine. Let's see what are the secrets of its success.

Still from the 'Call of Duty: Warzone' game trailer

Find out what are the reasons that have made this game one of the most popular. / Photo: youtube.com/Call of Duty

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When a free Call of Duty battle royale was announced, many users had big expectations, which have been met by Activision. From the beginning, we saw that the figures were spectacular: according to the Vida Extra media, during the first 24 hours of its launch on March, 6 million players were registered.

Of course, over time this amount has been increasing since the quarantine leaves many people in their homes with more free time. So, they decide to try the titles that appear in the catalog of their consoles (or computers, since it is a crossplay title) and they are amazed by its mechanics.

Currently, we see that its third season has arrived, something mentioned by the specialized website of Hipertextual. There some mechanical changes are introduced, such as the change of teams of 3 to 4 players, while maintaining the essence that is causing their success. Let's see the explanation of this phenomenon.


What is the cause of its success?

When we talk about a battle royale, the first thing we think about is the success that Fortnite had. It is a game that revolutionized the industry, in the sense that it provided a new mechanic that was much fairer for players, where, a priori, they all fell onto a map in “equal conditions”, where luck will greatly influence the game. 

However, as the Infobae media mentions, Call of Duty Warzone takes inspiration from Fortnite, although it does so through a positive and necessary evolution for the genre. That is, it maintains the good, although it modifies some things to give it a distinctive seal and one that separates it from the mechanics of its competitor.

First of all, we notice that the basis is the same: both console and PC players can download it for free and play with each other. In turn, they can buy "battle passes" to make aesthetic changes.

However, when it comes to playing things begin to change. First of all, the graphics are absolutely different. While Fortnite was betting on a cartoonish style, the intention here is to offer a maturity in terms of realism, something that is also explained by the fact that they decided to integrate only the first-person view.

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The goal remains the same: to be the last surviving team. Having a large map, it is truly interesting that up to 150 players are allowed, which fuels the frenzy when it comes to killing opponents. However, it has a much more agile gameplay than Fortnite, due to the implementation of small, but representative changes.

One of them is the incorporation of the gulag, a previous instance that gives players one more chance after they die. That is, when the player is defeated by an enemy, he goes to a kind of jail where he will go head to head with another in the same situation. If you win you can deploy again on the map. If not, it will depend on your fellow survivors raising the money to revive you.

At the same time, since money is an important part (to revive your colleagues or buy in-game improvements), exploration is essential. This is fueled by the fact that the possibilities of reviving are practically endless (if you have enough resources).

Finally, the inclusion of contracts reinforces all of the above, as it encourages players to kill other teams to get more money. So when a team loses a game, they will always want to start another one, because they know that “they could have done something more”, since the game itself encourages you to try again, because the opportunity to win feels closer and closer.



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