Physical activities that you must practice in quarantine

For mental health and to avoid muscle atrophy, it is recommended to exercise these days.

Woman practicing yoga with her little daughter

Physical activity at home can be a great tool for coping with quarantine. / Photo: Pexels - Valeria Ushakova

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Amid the worldwide quarantine of the COVID pandemic19, many have become closer to physical activity than they normally do. Others, on the other hand, have lost their rhythm. For this reason, in LatinAmerican Post we delve a little deeper into the subject to specify the most recommended exercises and routines in this special situation.

The first thing to say is that specialists recommend the practice of sport for two main reasons, mental health and non-atrophy of the muscles, which in turn has the positive effect of burning energy to prevent possible diseases. This, perhaps then, is the opportunity for many to give greater importance to this subject in their lives.


Be on the move

Movement is essential in humans because we do it every day to go to work, take children to school, go to university or do any kind of errand. We are not static. Therefore, in quarantine, we cannot abruptly stop our daily movements, because we would be making a mistake.


Walking is the first step. It depends on where you live, because if it is at home you can go for a walk around the garden, but if it is in an apartment the matter is more limited since the only option is to walk around the room. This can also be done down hallways, stairs, or common areas of your residential area. This way you avoid numbness.

If you do not know what routines to use or need a guide or counselor, we suggest that you lean on online platforms. Many influencers in the area are offering free classes in this regard in this quarantine, and you can help yourself by looking for information on the social networks of sports brands, or gyms recognized in your sector.

You have to be recursive. For this reason, not having clothes or articles of sports practice does not have to be an impediment. Help yourself with what you have on hand such as towels, bottles or makeshift weights, a bed instead of a mat, and lycra pants if you do not have elastic.

Try not to make the exercises complicated, especially if you don't usually do them. Push-ups, squats, jogs or bars are very simple and effective options. Even if you are not tempted by the exercises, plan and carry out activities at home such as tidying and cleaning cabinets, rooms, dishes. Wash and iron clothes. There is a lot to do to burn calories.


Main routines

According to EFE , it is recommended to perform 10 to 12 repetitions per exercise in a minimum of four sets in order to develop a complete routine of 20 minutes in approximate time.

To exercise the back of the arms and shoulders, you have to develop your triceps. How? By sitting on the floor with your knees slightly bent and placing your hands behind the body with your fingers facing it.

Then, the buttocks must be detached from the floor so that the body is supported by the arms and feet, then the arms must be bent from the elbow until the buttocks touch the floor and rise to the initial position.

In this same exercise you can be more daring if you try to lift the left leg and touch it with the right arm and vice versa, always pushing up.

One of the best exercises that exist are push-ups since these allow you to exercise the whole body. Facedown on the floor with the palms down near the shoulders and the tips of the feet touching the floor.

The body is raised with the arms, making a straight line from the head to the heels and the abdominals are contracted to prevent the hips from sinking. Finally, the chest is lowered to the ground by bending the elbows for a second and it returns to the starting position. The balance of hands and knees are beneficial for the abs.

Squats work the largest muscle group in the body, glutes and legs. Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, hips above knees, and knees above ankles. Finally, arms parallel to the floor with palms down.

In summary, make the move as if you were going to sit in a chair. When the buttocks begin to protrude, the chest and shoulders should be kept erect and the back always straight, with the head forward and eyes forward.

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Calm instead of panic

In the absence of a gym, personal care and a good routine will contribute to maintaining physical and mental health. Both are important. The pandemic is prone to generating states of stress, depression, panic and anxiety, so a good way to control or minimize these sensations is by doing physical activity to generate endorphins .

Under these conditions, physical reactions have been shown to help improve bone density, toning and strength, joint mobility, cardiovascular health, mood, cognition, and even metabolic function. A real menu of benefits.

For example, in the case of the flu, which is so common, physical activity helps increase body temperature, and in turn, inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. Of course, it is important to choose well the space for sports practice taking advantage of our body weight. You should also take into account intensity, frequency and duration of exercise, as it is also not recommended to try hard if you are not an athlete.