9 must-see Netflix releases for May

Here is our summary of the premieres that you cannot miss.

Frames from 'Hollywood', 'The 100' and 'Outlander'.

The streaming platform published which productions are arriving for the month of May. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix

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As usual every month, we bring you the list of premieres of the streaming giant, Netflix, that you cannot miss in May. With the new quarantine and isolation situation, we understand that you will be more avid for premieres and new content to see, so here is our varied list with series, new seasons and movies that will be available this new month.

1. Hollywood, 1st season

Release date: May 1

Genre: Series, drama, LGBTQ

Netflix official synopsis: After the Second War, a group of avid aspiring actors and filmmakers will do almost anything to fulfill their dreams in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

2. White Lines, 1st season

Release date: May 15

Genre: Series, crime, drama

Netflix official synopsis: Zoe Walker leaves her quiet life behind to investigate her brother's disappearance in Ibiza, where she quickly finds herself plunged into a path of decline and danger.

3. Valeria, 1st season

Release date: May 8

Genre: Series, romantic, drama

Netflix Official Synopsis: A novelist undergoing a creative and marital crisis leans on three friends, who are also self-discovering their own path to success.

4. Dead to me, season 2

Release date: May 8

Genre: Series, black comedy, intimate

Netflix Official Synopsis: Jen and Judy are not okay. Not even a little bit. They lose control of their lives and cling to each other ... as well as their secrets. The second season of this dark crime comedy of two women is coming to the brink of the abyss.

5. The 100, 6th season

Release date: May 16

Genre: Series, action, science fiction

Netflix Official Synopsis: For Clarke and other Earth survivors, there is a new beginning - and a new class of outer dangers - when they find life on a strange and unknown planet.

6. The Eddy, only season

Release date: May 8

Genre: Miniseries, music, drama

Netflix Official Synopsis: The owner of a Paris jazz club is forced to deal with dangerous criminals as he struggles to protect his premises, his band, and his teenage daughter.

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7. Working Moms, Season 4

Release date: May 6

Genre: Series, comedy, irreverent

Netflix Official Synopsis: Fate has big changes for this group of moms who defend their children, their jobs, their partners ... and themselves more than ever.

8. The other Missy

Release date: May 13

Genre: Movie, comedy, crazy

Netflix official synopsis: Tim thinks he invited the woman of his dreams to a job retreat in Hawaii, will he be in time to realize that other person recieved the message?

9. Outlander, 4th season

Release date: May 11

Genre: Series, romantic, action

Netflix official synopsis: Claire and Jamie make a new life in North Carolina as the Thirteen Colonies war of independence breaks out, and Branna and Roger discover something shocking.