The internal discussion between NBA players that could cancel the season

To protest against racism, several stars have decided not to play even if the season starts again.

Kyrie irving

A coalition led by Kyrie Irving seeks to curb the NBA season recap due to the wave of racism in the United States. / Photo: instagram.com/kyrieirving

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What appeared to be good news for sports fans with the return of the NBA, it may be complicated by the political situation in the United States.

According to The Athletic, a coalition of more than 80 players would be against summarizing the season amid the current situation of social tension in the United States. The coalition would be led by none other than Kyrie Irving, the successful point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, and would include several well-known names such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul.

In a statement to ESPN the coalition of players said: “We are a group of women and men from different teams and industries that are normally opponents, but we have to put our egos and differences aside to be sure that we are together and we can ask honesty during these uncertain times ”

The statement continued: "We are a community that has been under systemic oppression for over 500 years, we are used by our intellectual property, talent, and we are attacked and killed by the same people who are supposed to protect and serve us."

The players' coalition has been emphatic that they will not "shut up and play" as their silence would be detrimental to the continued fight against racism.

However, it seems that the NBA is not a united front when it comes to this issue. Players like Lebron James and Austin Rivers, as well as various sports analysts, argue that there are several drawbacks to not playing the season.

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James, for example, argues that the NBA provides a huge platform for making the problems of the black community heard . Similarly, Austin Rivers responded to Irving's comments by saying that the money they raise playing can be used to support Black Lives Matter and the fight against systemic racism . Rivers also emphasized that not all NBA players have Irving's salary and that many must play to pay the bills .

Sports commentators have also argued that the NBA-generated generational fortune can help the black community in the long run.

This is a problem that does not have a clear solution, but what is certain is that the black community is the backbone of the NBA and that, whatever the decision of the majority of players, this should be respected by the directors of the league.