5 Sports news of the week that you may have missed

Catch up to the world of sports with these 5 news that you may have missed

NC Dinos players with a trophy and Ubaldina Valoyes

These are the most important sport news of the week. / Photos: TW / NCdinos_fan, TW / gavybuns

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With the death of Diego Armando Maradona, one of soccer's greatest idols, many other sports news have been eclipsed this week. Here are some that you probably missed. 

NC Dinos receive a strange trophy

After winning the first Korean Baseball Organization championship, the winning team, the NC Dinos, received a strange trophy from their sponsors: a gigantic sword. The sword is a reference to the videogame Lineage, a part of the team’s parent company NC Soft. It was a strange moment for sure for this up and coming league. 

Two Romanian weightlifters stripped of their Olympic medals

Silver medalist Roxanna Cocos and Bronze medalist Razvan Martin were stripped of their 2012 medals after they tested positive for multiple steroids. The disqualification of Cocos could mean a retroactive bronze medal for Colombian weightlifter Ubaldina Valoyes who finished fourth in the category that year. 

Pope Francis applauds NBA players seeking social justice

The pope met with five players of the association on Monday and they spoke about their “individual and collective efforts addressing social and economic injustice and inequality occurring in their communities.” The pope lauded the players as “champions” and congratulated them on their efforts for seeking social justice. They both insisted on the importance of using their status as celebrities to continue promoting social causes. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo closes in on one of Pele’s records

The best soccer player in the world is homing in on one of the Brazilian’s records. It is the all-time goals in competitive matches records. Pele has 767 goals in this category while Cristiano has 749. With this in mind, it is entirely possible that Cristiano will finish his career as the highest goalscorer of all time. 

The MVP of the MLB postseason is arrested in Yucatán

Randy Arozarena was arrested by Mexican authorities in a domestic dispute, supposedly involving a disagreement over custody with his ex-partner. The outfielder has made no comment yet on the situation and will most likely have his situation investigated by the MLB. “We are gathering more information on this situation, and we have no further comment at this time.” said the Rays in a statement.