Opinion: In the midst of the crisis, women have led the world

The role of various female world leaders has been exalted globally.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, has obtained great results compared to the average of the European Union. / Photo: DPA

LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Goméz Hernández

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They have been the leaders who have imposed themselves above politics and have been guided by science. This is because they know that in moments of world uncertainty, full of conjecture, fake news and populism; science is the only thing that can bring real tranquility and sanity.

In June of this year, Times magazine highlighted 11 countries that have best managed the pandemic. These include Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Iceland , all nations with a female head of state. Despite the fact that more than 6 months have passed since that list, the results continue to support the role of these governments led by women.

Even though their countries have had different results in terms of infections, Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern, Tsai Ing-wen and Katrin Jakobsdóttir are proof that women as heads of State are a reality and a guarantee; and not a "fee" or a diversity quota. 

It is no longer news to see that New Zealand is one of the countries that has best contained the pandemic.  It is nostalgic to see on social networks how that nation of Oceania maintains normalcy that seems increasingly distant to the rest of the world.

Ardern has become the most popular face in containing this crisis. Her timely and swift measures meant that this country could quickly be confined and contain the first wave of infection.

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For her part, the tireless Angela Merkel has obtained great results compared to the European Union average. A mortality rate of less than 2%, lower than France, (2.46%), Belgium (2.98%), United Kingdom (3.26%), Spain (2.71%), Italy (3.52 %), among other neighboring nations. But what was most surprising was that she assumed (almost unintentionally) the role of leader of the West (a position abandoned by Donald Trump) and was setting the tone for the world (not just Europe).

Her serious, sustained, and honest announcements made "Mama Merkel" make us see the reality of the coming crisis and gave us confidence in the face of these difficulties.

Meanwhile, Tsai Ing-wen and Katrin Jakobsdóttir, took advantage of the advantages of being an island in the Pacific and the Atlantic, respectively, to further avoid imported cases. But their actions that led to good results do not end there.

Taiwan was one of the countries that best used infected contact tracing to be able to contain outbreaks and thus have excellent results from the beginning. Their performance was amazing, considering that this island is a neighbor of China and was one of the first countries to face this pandemic when little was known about the virus. Taiwan only records 8, yes, 8 deaths from coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. This, in a population greater than 23 million people ... similar to Australia (24 million and 908 deaths).

Iceland also implemented free mass testing programs to identify asymptomatic patients, which made it possible to avoid infections. As a result, only 28 people have died from COVID since March on this island with 364,000 inhabitants.

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