3 podcasts that will help you start the year right

These podcasts may be what you are looking for to start 2021 the right way, which ones do you already know? .


These are the podcasts that you cannot miss to start 2021 with all the attitude. / Photo: Unsplash

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The podcast format is increasingly welcomed by the public. According to a Reuters study, the podcast industry grew 32% in 2019 worldwide, both in its listening and in the number of productions . During the pandemic, this number only grew, just in March 2020 an average of 90,000 new podcasts were launched in Latin America .

In any case, this type of entertainment is here to stay, and in Latin America it has proven to be one of the favorite formats for listening to stories, new ideas, stories, poetry, knowledge and even well-being.

If you like this format and are looking for new podcasts that can help you have a better 2021, these are the ones you can't miss.

Entiende tu mente

This Spanish podcast created by Molo Cebrián, Luis Muino and Mónica González , starts from the idea that, although physical care is important, we usually put mental care aside and it is necessary to pay the same degree of attention.

Its episodes usually last 20 minutes, and in an entertaining, clear and accurate way that takes you through different concepts of psychology, mental health, as it lasts a short time and is precise and clear, this is a podcast that you can listen to anytime you have free for the day or even while cooking, driving, toileting or bathing .

With Entiende tu mente, you will not only learn about the psychology that lies behind the everyday, but you will also understand yourself better.

Medita podcast

The Colombian Mar del Cerro, guide and coach in meditation , invites us to think of meditation as a tool to achieve a better version of oneself and better understand the world outside. It is based on the idea that meditation can be highly functional and that it is a habit that, if done daily, can help you "live more present, relaxed and happy"

In addition to the podcast, Mar has a web page where she extends her work in order to teach you techniques to sleep better, have more mental clarity, be more efficient and creative in her work in order to enjoy the present .

The episodes usually last between 15 minutes and an hour, and there are both meditations and interviews with experts.

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¡Con amor, carajo!

In this podcast, neuropsychologist Lorena Aguirre seeks to better understand mental health and emotional education as long as there are healthy and positive interpersonal relationships. On her page, Lorena describes this podcast as "a request and a claim. A request so that you don't settle for less, and a claim of your own being so that you know how to move from the place you don't like until you become who you want to be. ".

The episodes last between half and an hour and explain concepts, give advice and also interviews with experts. It has the advantage that Lorena is very witty, so there is no lack of laughter and explanations are extremely simple, even when the subject is a little more technical and deep.

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