Latino singers who gave their voices in animated films

Dubbing is an art in which, little by little, various music artists have begun to specialize more frequently .

Shakira and her character in Zootopia and Ricky Martin and her character in Hercules.

Several musicians ventured into this new facet of voicing animated characters. / Photos: IG-Shakira, YT-Shakira, IG, ricky_martin, YT-Disneyclips

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Years can go by and animated films will never go out of style, as it is one of the most watched film genres around the world. Both children and adults increasingly enjoy the different adventures that these productions give us, especially if it is dubbed into Latino Spanish , whose touch is so special that it makes us feel a much greater connection with the story than what is seen on the screen. It is there when the work of the talented people comes in, who lend their voices for countless characters, being a work that, although it may go unnoticed, is one of the most worthy of applause without a doubt.

Although we are talking about the experience of dubbing actors and actresses, more and more singers have the opportunity to join the cast of these tapes by giving their voice . The talent passes from one studio to another, only instead of singing they have to interpret various dialogues.

Below we will leave you a list with several of these musicians who ventured into this new facet in the Latinamerican dubbing. The question is, how many of them did you recognize during the movie?


An unmistakable voice! The Colombian could not have a better character than Gazelle in Zootopia . The beautiful and sensual gazelle was a musical star in the film and began to dance and sing with her song Try Everything.

Ricky Martin

With two participations so far, the Puerto Rican not only gave life to characters, but also contributed with music. His first appearance was as Hercules himself in the 1997 film , as well as performing the title track No Matter the Distance. Years later, he had a supporting role in Minions (2015) as Herb Overkill, partner of the villain Scarlet Overkill .


The always beloved Mexican began in the world of dubbing with a brief participation in Anastasia (1997) , being the voice of the main character's songs. However, some time later, she got his first main role when he gave life to Scarlet Overkill in the movie Minions (2015). Her characterization as a villain was splendid.


Another of the great exponents of Latin music also enjoyed a great opportunity as a voice actor. The Colombian gave life to Juan in Olé, Ferdinand's journey (2017) in both English and Spanish. This character was a florist who ended up adopting the bull and letting it live on his farm.


"La Novia de América Latina" has not only stood out for her excellent vocation for singing, but also for acting. Beyond his appearances on television and film, Lucero had the opportunity to give his voice to Jane, the intelligent and eccentric explorer who fell in love with Tarzan (1999).

Benny Ibarra

The Mexican singer and songwriter is another artist who has several facets. Precisely, he ventured into the world of dubbing with Hop: Un Rebelde sin Pascua (2011), but the most recent and clearly animated was Sing! with the role of Buster Moon , the very optimistic koala businessman who ran the theater.

Danna Paola

The young Mexican singer and actress has had the opportunity to star in two animated films. The first in Tangled (2010), playing Rapunzel, and the other in Home, as Tip Tucci , the teenager who loses her mother in the alien invasion and becomes friends with Oh, the alien protagonist.

Marco Antonio Solis

What better way to debut in the world of dubbing than in a movie very much in your style. The Mexican singer gave the voice in Spanish to Ernesto de la Cruz in Coco (2017), one of the most hated and despised villains of Pixar's productions in recent years.


The nicknamed Queen of Children is one of the many Mexican icons that many appreciate . With several Latin Grammys and millions of albums sold, Tatiana did not miss her opportunity in the film Hercules (1997) to give us the sensual voice of Megara, in addition to the song No Diré que es Amor .


Many are aware of the Puerto Rican acting side on the big and small screen, but not everyone knows that he also acted as a voice actor in the film Tangled (2010). There he gave life to Flynn Rider , a thief by profession who later falls in love with Rapunzel.

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The Mexican singer has extensive experience as a voice actress. It all started in 2008 with The Tale of Despereaux, playing Princess Pea . Then, he did the same in Tadeo, The Lost Explorer (2013) as the protagonist Sara Lavrof . Most recently, in Trolls (2016) as Poppy .

Jose Luis Rodríguez

The Venezuelan singer and actor also did not miss the opportunity to be part of the world of dubbing. In 2007 he participated in La Familia del Futuro giving his voice to Cornelius Robinson , the adult version of the protagonist. And for those who failed to realize it, a photograph of Puma himself appears in one of the scenes in the film.