Chemtrails Over The Country Club: discover Lana del Rey's most personal album

The long-awaited new album by the American singer shows her most intimate and sentimental side.

King's wool

Fans of this artist find in Chemtrails Over The Country Club a majestic work that is positioned as one of the many jewels of her discography. Photo: YT-Lana del Rey

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The new CD of Lana del Rey is already among us. The first thing to say is that its launch actually took longer than anticipated . The first advance had been given in October 2020, when she anticipated the song Let Me Love You Like A Woman . The idea was to publish this work at the end of the year, but the pandemic delayed everything.

However, the fans of the artist find in Chemtrails Over The Country Club a majestic work that is positioned as one of the many jewels of her discography.

Good work done at Chemtrails Over The Country Club

The first thing to mention is that it is the tenth album of the artist's entire career . Therefore, it was to be expected that, at this point, the sound atmosphere is already completely built, something that also happens with the lyric. Well, Chemtrails Over The Country Club continues on this path, especially in relation to the previous one, Norman Fucking Rockwell!, from 2019 .

Those who have loved the previous work will find this album to be even more intimate. This happens because there are some passages in folk style and even others where the piano takes on a special role . For example, her opening with White Dress is weird for two reasons.

First of all, we see that it is sung in an excessively high pitch . Later, because in the lyrics she remembers, nostalgically, her past as a waitress, while listening to her favorite bands. Therefore, from The Guardian indicates that she got into a "new territory", abandoning his vocal style and giving new nuances to his singing.

Then the homonymous song of the album's name, which marks the very essence of the artist and a little of what would later appear on the disc. In Tulsa Jesus Freak we find a theme that speaks of rural America, although sonically it follows the same line as the previous ones. It is not until the first cut of the album, Let Me Love You Like A Woman, where we find the best of the singer .

Precisely, this song perfects the previous style of his best songs, immediately becoming the one that we reproduce over and over again. Surprisingly , Wild At Heart is shown as a completely American song , where the artist uses the highs that suit her so well, along with a tender and moving harmony.

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When we got to Dark Bust Just A Game we came across a theme that shows just how complex the composition is. At first listen, it may be a bit strange due to the combination of instruments and melodies, but it will quickly become a fan favorite. Later, a classic theme reappears, in an almost acoustic format and with small country chords, as is the case with Not All Who Wander Are Lost .

Yosemite does not contribute anything especially new, as it continues with a fairly continuous line of what has been seen before. For the ninth track, Breaking Up Slowly, we see that there is a very good collaboration with Nikki Lane . The Rolling Stone magazine mentioned that this country ballad was inspired by the romance between Tammy Wynette and George Jones .

Then, in the penultimate song, Dance Till We Die , we discovered a pleasant surprise: during the first half of the song, it seems to be one of the artist's classic songs. However, afterwards it completely changes the rhythm and becomes a real sonic feat, completely strengthening the CD .

The last composition is For Free , which is an adaptation of the song by Joni Mitchell . It is a subject that is truly a finishing touch, for a precious album from the sentimental point of view, but also from the sound point of view. Perhaps this explains why Lana del Rey is one of the best artists in pop today.