The best UEFA Champions League finals between clubs from the same country

The current season, with the final between Manchester City and Chelsea FC of England, led us to review other cases where two teams from the same country faced each other.

Liverpool FC players celebrating their 2019 Champions League triumph

We compile for you a list of the mythical finals that were also played by teams from the same country with great rivalries. Photo: TW-LiverpoolFC

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It is clear that the UEFA Champions League is the most exciting club tournament on the planet. After an arduous season, the best two reach the final stage of the competition.

However, it is not so common for two teams from the same country to do so. In the most recent edition, Manchester City and Chelsea, both from England, came to this decisive match . However, in recent history we have had several mythical finals that were also played by teams from the same country with great rivalries.

AC Milan - Juventus FC (2003)

Two of the most powerful clubs in Italy that, in that season, faced each other in a final that was as passionate as it was even. In a goalless match, both in the 90 minutes and in overtime, everything would be decided by a shootout penalties.

For Marcelo Lippi's Juventus, Del Piero and Birindelli scored, and Serginho, Nesta and Shevchenko scored for Milan, which made them champions. Carlo Ancelotti's team had a great variety of figures: Dida, Maldini, Costacurta, Gattuso, Rui Costa, Pirlo, Inzaghi or Seedorf, to name a few examples.

Manchester United - Chelsea FC (2008)

Years later, there would be a final between clubs from the same country. However, in this case, the protagonists would be from England. Both Manchester United and Chelsea are one of the most successful institutions in the Premier League , which is why all were expected a final that lived up to emotions.

Both with British teams, the final ended in an tie with 1 goal each, converted by the talented Cristiano Ronaldo for the Red Devils and by the historic Frank Lampard in the blues . After a very intense extra time, the Manchester-based team were crowned 6-5 on penalties.

For Chelsea scored Ballack, Belletti, Lampard, Ashley Cole and Kalou. At Manchester United Tevez, Carrick, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson and Giggs had effective shoots.

Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund (2013)

One of the most unexpected finals, but also one of the most exciting and remembered in recent years. The truth is that these two clubs have a great rivalry at the local level, since it is clear that Bayern Munich is the most powerful squad in Germany, but in Borussia Dortmund they always offered great competitiveness .

The Bavarians wanted to make amends for having lost the final against Chelsea FC, the season before where they played home at the Allianz Arena. On the other hand, the black-yellows had "revolutionized" German soccer by the rise of different talents with a low budget, all under the mandate of Jürgen Klopp. That is to say, two very different situations .

In the final the hierarchy difference was seen, as Bayern were crowned by winning 2 to 1 against Borussia, with goals from Mandzukic and Robben for the Reds and Gündogan for the loser club.

Real Madrid - Atlético Madrid (2014)

This case is truly iconic, as it happened twice (the second occurred two seasons in 2016), with the same result: victory for Real Madrid. Well, this classic from the capital of Spain always had the same “seasoning”, since the colchoneros are considered the weakest, unlike the powerful merengues.

Real Madrid was looking to get a new UEFA Champions League, which had been denied for several years. At Atlético they “dreamed” of this missing title, since the arrival of Simeone caused an absolute revolution for a club that was not used to winning. Again, two diametrically opposite situations.

Atleti started winning thanks to Diego Godín, but an unexpected header from Sergio Ramos in the 90th minute took the game into extra time. There the difference in energy and hierarchy was seen, as Real scored 3 goals and won the cup. In the record there is a shocking advantage in favor of the White House .

Liverpool - Tottenham (2019)

Finally, one of the most recent duels. Those led by Klopp had a magnificent season that they wanted to crown with this trophy, while Pochettino's team wanted to “surprise” and win the most important trophy in Europe. However, there was a clear victory for the Merseyside team.

With goals from Salah and Origi, the victory was in the hands of the Reds, who had not obtained this cup since 2005 .