Colombia: How to Get a House in Times of Crisis?

Accessing your own home in Colombia could be a utopia due to the social situation that affects the country, related to the pandemic and the social outbreak. However, it is possible, if the various options present through certain entities are still considered .

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Government entities offer as a possibility the desired benefit of having their own property. Photo: Unsplash

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One of the main wishes of realization of citizens of legal age in Colombia is to be able to obtain their home ownership as soon as possible, since this configures the desire of not having to pay rents and avoid leaving from one place to another, moreover, at a time when having something fixed represents a true personal achievement. We will tell you, then, what are the offers that, despite being within a pandemic context, entities such as the Fondo Nacional del Ahorro and Caja de Compensación Colsubsidio offer as a possibility of having your own property.

A determining factor that must be taken into account when it comes to housing in the country is the phenomenon of quantitative housing deficit. By 2018, according to the National Population and Housing Census (CNPV-2018) with respect to the total of units, according to the condition of occupation of households and population registered at the national, departmental and municipal level in 2018, in Colombia there were 1,362,384 unoccupied housing units, probably the figures with which the option of closing occupied housing gaps could be covered in some way.

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As solutions to this reality, while the majority of Colombians currently opt for the economy to be able to obtain their homes and these are even more inclined towards horizontal property .

The Fondo Nacional del Ahorro (FNA) offers the following options to obtain subsidies:

  • Households that do not have sufficient resources to acquire, build or improve a single affordable housing solution.
  • People with total monthly income not exceeding the equivalent of 4 SMMLV (Current Monthly Legal Minimum Wages).
  • Those who have not been beneficiaries of family housing subsidies.
  • The foregoing covers the subsidies granted by the National Housing Fund, the National Institute of Housing and Urban Reform – Inurbe (now in liquidation), the Agrarian Fund (now in liquidation), the Agrarian Bank, Focafé, the family compensation funds, and FOREC (today in liquidation).

Those who comply with the requirements established by the laws and regulations in force.

Likewise, FNA affiliates this year may also benefit from the decrease in interest rates that exist for the acquisition of housing, based on the subsidies acquired, according to what was commented on their official Twitter account: @ FNAsaving


Very practical options for those who want to opt for this possibility.

For its part, Colsubsidio also offers within its service options the possibility of acquiring a home , this through a monetary contribution, with which people who have the requirements programmed by the Family Housing Fund, They will be able to access under the following modalities:

  • Lease or Lease Subsidy with purchase option.
  • Subsidy for the purchase of a new home.
  • Subsidy for Home Improvement.
  • Subsidy for Construction on Own Site.

In addition, the amount contributed does not constitute a loan, but rather a supplement to the initial fee for those seeking to access a current property project, within what is offered by Colsubsidio Vivienda .

In this way, despite the adverse and paradoxical circumstances that have transpired during the first half of 2021, we find ourselves with a panorama, where getting one's own habitat is still feasible.

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