How To Start Data Science With Python Certification

The Training course in Data Science with Python is designed for those learning enthusiasts who want to master Python and have an equal zeal to start their career in Data Science.

Ankush thakur

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The latest Data Science with Python Training, a comprehensive course is being offered by Zeolearn Academy in its platform. The Training course in Data Science with Python is designed for those learning enthusiasts who want to master Python and have an equal zeal to start their career in Data Science.

The Data Science with Python Certification Training will be provided in a 42-hour instructor led interactive online classes that includes a host of learning opportunities for the registered candidates such as knowledge in Statistical learning with advanced Excel, getting hands-on expert with Python, and mastering the both supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms. The course covers predictive modeling as well as Advanced Statistics.

Let us dive in further to know about the Data Science with Python Certification Training course in detail and what all it has to offer to you:

Why get data science with Python Certification

In today’s world, data scientists, a revered class of professionals tends to stay on the stop of being among the highest technology professionals worldwide. The reason behind their high demand is that businesses in these times are exponentially relying on analytics and statistics in order to expand and improve their products delivery and quality. The field has been among the highest paying jobs for the past many years. The growing importance of big data and use of analytics in fueling business growth has made it hold the position of highest in demand jobs in organizations and Data scientist. As a result of which Data Analysis is used widely in various areas such as marketing, human resource, supply chain, and many more.

Moreover, Python, a user-friendly language is used as a essential tool in Data Analysis and being an Python expert and in its libraries with using these skills for data analysis are some of the significant learned skills that are not expected to become redundant even after a long time.

That’s why Zeolearn has brought to you the golden opportunity to get completely acquainted in Data Science and Python Skills by enrolling in the Data Science with Python Certification course. Enroll with the course and begin your journey of becoming a Data Scientist, using the power of Python. 

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Skills you will gain from data science with Python Certification

The course will help you in many aspects such as analyzing data, creating beautiful visualizations, and efficiently using powerful machine by learning algorithms to convert data into meaningful statistics which can help your organizations achieve successful outcomes. Some of the skills you will gain in the course are:

  1. Learn about basics of Python distribution and advanced knowledge of data science and their implementation in real-life business

  2. Acquire knowledge of User-defined functions in Python, its Lambda function and the object-oriented design in Python.

  3. Learn all about Datasets and manipulation and applying it to Python, data analysis using Pandas library, and writing outputs.

  4. Master Probability and Statistics by learning how to use conditional probability, data distribution, data values, and hypothesis testing

  5. Knowledge of advanced Statistics, analysis of variance, dimensionality reduction techniques linear regression, and model building, 

  6. Learn Predictive Modelling and doing evaluation of model parameters, model performance, and classification problems.

  7. Learn Time Series Forecasting and working with its components, data, tools and its benefits.

Final Remarks

The Data Science with Python Training is an interactive and comprehensive course to begin journey on learning Python programming language and its use in Data Science. Anyone interested in the field of Data Science or is looking to learn structured Python program can get certified.

There are as such no pre-requisites to attend this course, but is always advisable to the candidates’ registering that they come with at least elementary programming knowledge as it will help them in quicker understanding of concepts.