What is the Esports Wellness Program and How Does it Help the Mental Health for Gamers?

A recent Razer campaign seeks to promote good mental health for gamers. Here we tell you what it is about.

Chairs in a gamers studio

In this wellness campaign launched by the Razer company, it seeks to promote healthy habits in games that are also sustainable in the context of all electronic sports. Photo: Unsplash

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The Razer company, recognized for its products for gamers, has recently revealed the creation of the Esports Wellness program, whose project would be a completely specialized portal that aims to provide content in collaboration with brands dedicated to physical and mental counseling for Esports players.

In this wellness campaign that the company has launched, it seeks to promote healthy habits in games and that, in addition, be sustainable in the context of all electronic sports that in themselves require a high degree of demand. In this case, the brand intends to collaborate directly with different medical specialists such as psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, among others.

What does it consist of?

The portal that has been created to provide all these topics about health for gamers will be publishing content in different formats such as videos, articles, contacts and events that aim to highlight the importance of both the physical and mental health of professional players and amateurs.

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"We want to make sure that players and teams of all levels of competition receive the right support, so we met with leading experts in the field and designed this program for them," said Flo Gutiérrez, Director of Global Esports at Razer.

This means that the brand has focused its strategy on the growth that the Esports industry has had in recent times. For this reason, within the analysis of this population they have found that many players do not know how to take care of their health and, being such an attractive activity, they designed this initiative to provide the necessary support in terms of well-being.

The importance in creating these programs

Obviously, these programs that are being created have great value on a human level because of the consequences that full dedication to esports can have if health is neglected. On the other hand, Esports Wellness does not make any distinction between professional players and players who play for fun, as it considers that habits should be equally relevant for all participants.

“In my opinion, there is little difference between a casual player and a professional player in terms of biomechanical load, so the difference is in the amount of time they are playing. The drills and habits that professionals train with should be equally applicable to the casual player. Regular wrist stretches (up and down), gentle flexing of finger tendons, and postural exercises are helpful and easy for any player to perform, ”says Dr. Jordan Tsai, Specialist Physiotherapist in Esports.

In addition to joint problems, they highlight the importance of taking care of the quality of sleep, not drinking caffeine six hours before going to sleep and putting breathing and cardiovascular exercises into practice .

Without a doubt, it is a program that bets on a common problem that has not been treated with due attention and that with the passage of time the consequences begin to be noticed.