Donald Trump's Plans For 2024

Although it is not official, the most likely thing is that the former president dreams again of the most important executive position in the United States and we have a Donald Trump campaign by 2024.

Donald trump

Trump continues to secure his party leadership by driving a backhoe that, day after day, paves his candidacy for 2024. Photo: Flickr-Gage Skidmore

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On December 14, 2020, the candidate for the United States Democratic Party, Joe Biden, was elected president of that country by the Electoral College, after a month before the United States citizens elected him as their first president.

Now, beyond the rise of Biden, many of the media, both North American and the rest of the world, preferred to observe the other side of the coin: the defeat of former President Donald Trump, who was then participating as president-candidate of said elections. , looking for a second term in the White House.

Why so much attention to Trump? To begin, three days after the presidential elections (November 6), the then Head of State decided to promote a series of lawsuits against the results, especially in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, where the Republican victory was believed it was insured. Based on accusations (all without proof) of alleged fraud by Biden and the Democratic party, Trump requested, through his offices in different parts of the United States, the annulment of the 2020 elections.

“Joe Biden must not wrongly proclaim himself the winner of the presidency. I could also say the same. The political proceedings are just beginning! ”Was the threat made by Trump on November 6 through his Twitter account.

Even with all this, the Republican leader could not prevent Joe Biden from being positioned as president of the United States on January 20, 2021; Although the media, politicians and other experts had something clear: this would not be the end of Trump. If the tycoon had made so many legal 'ropes' to avoid his fall, it is most likely that he is already preparing his rebirth in the presidential elections of 2024.

This was announced by the former presidential adviser to Donald Trump, and today the right-hand man of the former president, Jason Miller, in an interview with JD Durkin of Cheddar. "What is the probability that President Trump will run again in 2024?" Durkin asked. Miller's response was clear and direct: “I would say between 99% and 100%. I think he will definitely run in 2024 [...] ”.

And, although he is not the former president, Miller's voice is the "voice of God" when it comes to Trump issues. He is the person closest to the New Yorker and therefore considered as the speaker of what the politician, retired today, has to say.

For this reason, the simple fact that Donald Trump's spokesman says that "all Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago", his rest home in this sabbatical that he has decided to take, is not a phrase that should be taken. lightly.

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Although Trump looks happy playing golf in his 10,000 square meter mansion, the truth is that, as his acquaintances say and as has been seen on the main television networks of conservative ideology in the United States, the billionaire does not leave aside his political career; in fact, he has never stopped campaigning.

Whether on Fox News, criticizing Joe Biden's immigration policies, or hosting Republican sponsors or politicians in Mar-a-lago, Trump continues to secure his party leadership by driving a backhoe that, day after day, paves his candidacy for 2024.

However, a good campaign is nothing without a good communication channel through which to convey ideas, and in the case of Trump, he does not have only bold spokespersons but an entire means of communication in which to make his ideas known. This is precisely the objective of TRUTH Social, the social network created and sponsored by Donald Trump with which, in his own words, "the progressive media consortium" and "Silicon Valley 'Big Tech' companies will be fought."

It should be remembered that platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter silenced or eliminated Trump from the social scene, a topic that did not like much among the conservative leader, so his decision was to install a competition instead of being dominated by them.

On the other hand, you also have to look at what Congress can be and the ways in which Republicans can 'unseat' Democrats from their slim majority. A Congress led by the Conservatives could be the ideal setting for possible arrival of Trump to power in 2024: a Republican president with the support of a Republican parliament would be a dream come true for the right in the United States.

Now, Trump's power was seen in the governor's elections that took place on November 2 of this year. Two governorates were at stake: New Jersey and Virginia, and a third, California, in which a possible recall was being voted on. At the beginning of the voting, all the seats were filled by Democrats; at the end, Virginia, one of the liberal outposts, changed hands, leaving Glenn Youngkin in power.

However, in Youngkin's victory, Trump's name was important: his candidacy focused on the union of Republican citizens around the former President and the halo of power that still radiates in the country.

So if a Democratic outpost like Virginia turned its tide and provided an excuse to celebrate for Republicans, why not think about 2022 congressional elections being the icing on the cake for conservatives and how to kick off the comeback. of Trump? Politics is dynamic and by 2024 the tycoon wants to end up again at the top of power.