Infographic: Burnout Syndrome: How to Detect and Prevent it?

Work Stress is Increasingly Common and can Trigger a Syndrome with Various Symptoms that Impair Quality of Life. Preventing it and Treating it in Time is Essential..

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Work under pressure, immediacy and heavy workloads are often a source of stress for today's workers. Burnout syndrome responds to excessive work that manifests itself in emotional, physical and mental exhaustion that can trigger depression or anxiety. According to the International Labor Organization, ILO, "stress has many negative consequences, including circulatory and gastrointestinal diseases, other physical, psychosomatic and psychosocial disorders, as well as low productivity."

However, burnout takes stress to a higher level and becomes routine that can have serious consequences. For this reason, it is essential to identify and prevent the appearance of burnout syndrome. According to Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, there is a method of dealing with burnout syndrome called the "3R approach" that involves:

  • Recognize: be aware of signs that warn of job burnout.
  • Reverse: manage stress and seek support to get rid of the damage.
  • Resilience: take care of physical and emotional health to increase resilience.

Bournout Syndrome

If you identify that your activities are consuming you and you do not have well-being, it is important that you talk to your boss and raise opportunities for improvement to change the situation. On the other hand, it is convenient that you seek personal advice or speak with the area of health and safety at work. Also, you can start practicing activities that help you relax, such as meditation, swimming or gardening.