Roe vs. Wade: Celebrities React to Supreme Court Ruling

After the decision of the Supreme Court to ban legal and safe abortion, several celebrities have come forward to give their point of view on the matter.

Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo

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The last few days in the United States have been marked by much controversy. And it is that the Supreme Court decided to repeal the ruling issued in 1973 known as Roe vs. Wade, which protected the freedom of women to be able to have an abortion without so many federal restrictions. Faced with this situation that is already beginning to become a historical fact in the country, hundreds of celebrities have not missed the opportunity to express themselves in this regard.

With an issue that usually has many people for and against, social networks have become the quintessential means to raise their voices and try to raise awareness on both sides. At this point, different personalities from the world of entertainment have not stopped using their online platforms in order to show their discontent or support for the cause. However, it is worth mentioning that the repudiation of celebrities has been greater in the face of a ruling that would be slowing down the evolution of the abortion issue in the United States.

Massive dissatisfaction with the ruling

Jessica Chastain is one of the many Hollywood personalities who collaborates at all times with Planned Parenthood, an organization that watches over women's reproductive health and care. After the ruling of Roe vs Wade, the Oscar-winning actress shared a video where she highlighted the importance of each individual having the right to decide about their life and their body.

Likewise, another actress who usually donates to pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and who has always shown her support in the fight for this type of law, is Reese Witherspoon. "I share the collective anguish we all feel, but I am always so inspired by how women come together to support each other and support our children's future," she posted on her Twitter account.

For her part, an actress who has a long history of supporting campaigns for legal abortion is Penélope Cruz. The Spanish woman has always been active in these movements and is always remembered for being one of the many Hollywood celebrities who support legalization in Argentina . For this occasion, she published a message on her Instagram that highlighted the importance of each woman being able to decide on her body and thus prevent death from unwanted pregnancies.

In turn, the singer Pink was one of the most enraged by the cancellation of Roe vs. Wade. "Let's be clear: If you think the government owns a woman's womb, or can meddle in gay affairs or marriage, or that racism is okay, THEN PLEASE, IN THE NAME OF YOUR GOD, NEVER LISTEN TO MY FUCKING MUSIC AGAIN.» she posted on his Twitter account.

But the voices of repudiation of the Supreme Court ruling are not only from women. The actor Mark Ruffalo, who during 2022 participated in a march in New York to defend the right to abortion, has once again used his social networks to demonstrate about it. "Abortion will always be necessary (...) Each person must have autonomy to make decisions about their body without restrictions," he wrote on Twitter.

Other male celebrities who also showed disappointment and rejection on their social networks were Stephen King, Pedro Pascal and Chris Evans. "It is the best Supreme Court that the nineteenth century has produced," the novelist said sarcastically. Meanwhile, the Chilean actor uploaded a post on his Instagram with information to donate to various organizations in support of abortion. While the interpreter of "Captain America" commented that "those who are not interested in this ruling are not paying enough attention."

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Against abortion

The opposite happened with those in favor of the Supreme Court ruling. Beyond the statements of political figures such as Donald Trump or Mike Pence, the majority of celebrities who have declared themselves pro-life did not use the annulment of Roe vs. Wade to demonstrate on their social networks. However, there were a couple of exceptions that we cannot fail to mention.

One of them is the actress Patricia Heaton, winner of two Emmy Awards and honorary president of Feminists Pro-Life, an association that defends life from the moment of conception. On her Twitter account, she shared a post about the vision of a world without Roe vs. Wade, in addition to emphasizing that pregnancy centers in the country should provide support so that pregnant women give birth instead of aborting.

Finally, Kevin Sorbo, an actor known for playing Hercules in the 90's series and who grew up under a strict Christian upbringing that has led him to always defend the life of the unborn, maintains a strong fight against Planned Parenthood. According to him, this organization profits from selling children's organs. After the Supreme Court ruling, Sorbo wrote on his Twitter account "Life wins", followed by another series of tweets with the same theme.