Arrest Order For Juan Guaidó And Antonio Ledezma: Political Persecution In Venezuela

Anti-Chavismo denounces "persecution" after the arrest orders for Juan Guaidó and Antonio Ledezma, exiled opponents .

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The Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), which brings together several opposition parties in Venezuela, denounced this Friday the existence of a "wave of persecution" against its members , after the Prosecutor's Office issued arrest warrants against the former president of Parliament Juan Guaidó and the former Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, exiled in the United States and Spain, respectively.

Guaidó, who was recognized as interim president of Venezuela by the US and other countries between January 2019 and the end of 2022, is accused of treason, usurpation of functions, money laundering, profit or diversion of money, securities or public goods and association.

On the social network X (former Twitter), he coalition expressed its "absolute rejection of the wave of persecution that continues to intensify from the regime", in reference to the Government of Nicolás Maduro, which they call a dictatorship.

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"We extend our solidarity and support to all those who are being affected by this attack and we insist that, currently, in Venezuela there is no justice or independence of powers, but there are constant violations of the human rights of citizens, all documented" , said the PUD.

Extradition requests

Anti-Chavismo also repudiated the extradition requests that the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) declared yesterday as admissible, to ask Spain to send Ledezma to Venezuela – on whom an arrest warrant issued in August – and the former deputies Dinorah Figuera and Auristela. Vásquez for crimes such as treason and association.

The TSJ also asked the United States to extradite former parliamentarian Marianela Fernández for similar crimes.

In the opinion of the PUD, these actions show that Chavismo is "using justice at the service of the regime."

"We express all our solidarity with these worthy and brave women in the face of this cowardly persecution. We also extend our solidarity with former Mayor Ledezma, who is also a victim of the abuse of power by the Maduro regime, which uses the judiciary as a tool of persecution," he added. the coalition.

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