Colombian Government and ELN Will Create “Humanitarian Zones” Agreed Upon in the Peace Talks

Today Senator Iván Cepeda, representative of the Colombian Government, announced the creation of "humanitarian zones" agreed upon in the talks with the ELN. Here we tell you what will happen in these areas and in which phase are the negotiations with the ELN.

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The Government of Colombia and the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) agreed to create "humanitarian zones" of which details will be known this Monday, when the parties close the fourth cycle of peace talks in Caracas, announced Senator Iván Cepeda, one of the negotiators of the Government.

"Humanitarian zones are created in which there will be an intervention, not only of a humanitarian nature, but also through development projects that will reflect many of the peace agreements that the (negotiation) table is reaching", said the politician in a statement sent to the media.

What will happen in humanitarian zones?

He explained that matters already agreed upon will be put into practice in these areas, such as "the participation of society in the construction of peace" and the bilateral ceasefire that came into effect on August 3 and will last for six months, the longer period agreed between the parties.

Likewise, it is expected that in these spaces there will be a "very active" intervention of the communities and businessmen, in something that they have called "social participation and the construction of the great national agreement".

He stressed that this phase of talks "concludes successfully" and with "important agreements", with which "the peace process is strengthened."

How is peace going with the ELN?

The main objective of this cycle, which began on August 14, was to address issues such as the bilateral ceasefire and the participation of civil society in the dialogues.

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The parties will close this fourth round a week after the ELN released a 21-year-old soldier kidnapped on August 20 in a rural area of the Colombian department of Arauca (east), on the border with Venezuela, accused by the guerrillas of having bilateral ceasefire violated.

It should be remembered here that this fourth phase is part of a negotiation process that the Colombian government has wanted to carry out within the framework of what it calls "total peace."

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