Putin and Erdogan Meet: These Are the Key Points of the Meeting

Putin and Erdogan will meet today, September 4, to mainly address the issues of the war in Ukraine and grain exports .

Putin and Erdoğan

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, will discuss today in Sochi with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the war in Ukraine and the export of food through the Black Sea after Moscow's withdrawal from the grain agreement in July, as well as the creation of a gas center for Europe in Turkey.

The meeting in the Russian resort will be the first that Putin and Erdogan will hold after Moscow's suspension of the pact for the export of grain through the Black Sea, arguing that the "Russian part" of that agreement was not being fulfilled.

The summit in Sochi comes days after Russian-Turkish foreign ministerial level negotiations hosted by Moscow last week.

Turkey maintains that there is no alternative to the Black Sea Initiative, as the agreement is called that for a year allowed food exports through that maritime route, affected by the war actions.

What does Russia propose?

Russia wants to propose to Turkey the supply of one million tons of Russian grain at a reduced price so that the cereal can be processed in Turkish companies and subsequently sent to the countries most in need.

In turn, Russia insists that it will resume the agreement only if its demands are met, which are contemplated in the memorandum that it signed with the UN and that it considers an integral part of the Black Sea Initiative.

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Moscow denounces that the commitment assumed by the UN to facilitate its exports, which are facing difficulties mainly due to the collateral effects of Western sanctions for the war in Ukraine, is being breached.

In addition to the reconnection of the agricultural bank Rosseljozbank to SWIFT, the Kremlin demands the resumption of supplies of agricultural machinery, as well as spare parts and services for it, and the removal of restrictions on insurance and free access to ports.

It also calls for the operation of the Togliatti-Odesa pipeline, paralyzed since the beginning of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, and the unblocking of foreign accounts and assets of Russian companies linked to the production and transport of food and fertilizers.

Agriculture and treaties during the war in Ukraine

In a clear message that it is not willing to give in to its demands, Russia last night attacked Shahed kamikaze drones against agricultural infrastructure in the Ukrainian region of Odessa, where the main river and sea ports from which Ukraine exports grain and other products are located.

The other major topic of the Sochi talks will be the creation of a Russian gas distribution center for Europe , according to Turkish sources quoted by the official Russian agency TASS, which recalled that the Russian president declared at the end of last July that the creation of said center is on the agenda.

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