US $3.2 million a month Elon Musk intends to earn with verified Twitter

After knowing the purchase of Twitter by the tycoon, Elon Musk has announced several actions so that his new acquisition is one of his possessions that gives him more resources.

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The richest man in the world by 2022, with an estimated 224 billion dollars, according to Forbes, has earned one of the largest and most well-known applications and social networks worldwide: Twitter. It is not surprising that Elon Musk, a socialite and businessman recognized for being the CEO of brands such as Tesla Motors and SpaceX, has acquired the 'blue bird' network to increase his fortune, and, according to him, make Twitter a network social much better than it is today.

After firing the top managers of Twitter, Musk had initially made an informal statement, announcing that, in order to have a social network where the 'lords of the peasants' are not distinguished, he would charge 20 dollars a month to keep verified the accounts that they have the colloquial 'blue check'. Musk considers that this type of symbol discriminates against Twitter users from the outset. However, after the opinion given by the writer Stephen King when he considered the charge for that badge obsolete, Musk decided to skimp on the cost to 8 dollars a month (the same amount also applies to the euro).

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This idea, which is already on the verge of becoming a reality – even Musk warned of layoffs for those who did not update these maneuvers before November 7 – has caused various types of reactions: Some agree with Musk since Twitter would be a place equal for all, or at least there would no longer be distinctions between 'verified' and 'ordinary', on the other hand, users comment that the exclusivity of having a verified account would be lost, because it would be available to anyone who could pay 8 dollars a, In addition, these verified accounts often help to differentiate the real profiles of celebrities, NGOs, government, state, and media accounts, with the aim of reducing the risk of consuming false news. Still, Musk is determined to take this action.

Possible Earnings

This policy change is not only aimed at experiencing inclusion in a network as polarized and mediatic as Twitter, Musk wants to take advantage of it despite the fact that he exposes that 90% of the social network's profits come from ads and advertising.

Doing a quick calculation, of the 400 thousand verified accounts that exist on Twitter, according to The Guardian, if they all agree to pay 8 dollars a month to remain with the badge, every 30 days Musk would be getting 3 million 200 thousand dollars, and annually 38 million 400 thousand dollars.

Now, this is without counting the possible people who would pay the 8 dollars to have their account verified, this being the beginning of another type of monetization of which Musk, or his communications department, have not given any details.

Despite the standardized $8 charge, Musk announced that the cost of obtaining the badge or staying with it would depend on the country in which the person is located and the purchasing power of the badge, it is still an assumption.

The Individual Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paying The $8

Currently, "Twitter Blue" is the Premium version of Twitter where, for $4.99 per month, it allows creditors to edit their tweets, change the display and design of their profiles, and organize folders, among others.

However, with the arrival of a super application 'Blue', whose 8 dollars ensures membership, more benefits will come as a priority in mentions and 50% fewer ads than in a profile without verification.

Although some see it directly targeting celebrities and government accounts, mostly for marketing and visibility permanence, others see it as a way to continue with appearances and illusions, which is what Musk intends to end by giving access to anyone. to get a verified account.

Currently, Twitter consists of 1.3 billion accounts, of which only 330 million are active, and of those only 0.12% are verified accounts, it is also estimated that of the total accounts, 48 million are bots. In content, 500 million Tweets are published daily, the average user has 707 followers, 391 million accounts do not have a single follower, and 83% of world leaders have a registered account.

With these figures, it will be interesting to see how Musk will carry out experiments so that 0.12% of the accounts with the blue pimp can be at the top of the pyramid of the 500 million tweets made by ordinary accounts, for the most part. It should be noted that the accounts that obtain the badge are not necessarily the ones with the most followers or the ones that upload the most content to the platform.

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