Join ClimateLaunchpad whit sustainable projects to give hope to the planet

Sometimes, we have sustainable ideas and projects that we have nowhere or to whom to present them. This call is the opportunity to make it happen.

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Create a regenerative and sustainable future: join the world's largest green ideas contest and be part of the global community of entrepreneurs who act to mitigate climate change.

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The power of ideas is undeniable when it comes to building our future in a scenario of active global participation, it is vital that ideas are transformed into actions to have a real impact and be durable. Precisely these actions are what is needed to mitigate climate change. From the adoption of sustainable technologies to the creation of sound environmental policies, each action counts.

A ClimateLaunchpad is an ideal space for those who want to act and be part of an active community and are aware of the urgency of creating solutions to the climate crisis. By putting ideas into action through initiatives like CLP, we can make a difference and work together to protect the planet and thus leave a better place for future generations.

The race against climate change started a long time ago and innovation is one of the best weapons to fight him. For this reason, ClimateLaunchpad, which is the largest green ideas contest in the world and that precisely this year celebrates 10 years since its launch, seeks to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy, identifying and supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who, with their ideas, facilitate and lead the way toward a more sustainable economy and green. The ClimateLaunchpad call is open in Colombia and Central America until May 10th.


This year brings an early prize! Once people finish their application, they will have access immediately and free to a CLP (virtual) mini course, designed in Europe and tested in +50 countries.

They will be able to know the 7 most relevant topics to start the definition of the successful business model that will take you from idea to action.

Participating in initiatives like CLP, especially this year, is of great importance. According to the recent IPCC report on global warming, the planet is at a critical time regarding climate change, and it is necessary to act urgently to limit its impact and not have devastating and irreversible consequences. The report clearly states that if action is not taken drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global temperatures could rise more than 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040. This would have a significant impact on life on earth, including extreme weather events, the loss of biodiversity, and an increase in the level of the sea.

Fortunately, programs like ClimateLaunchpad, which seek precisely to promote sustainable projects that help mitigate climate impact, the planet has hope.

Since its first edition in 2014, the contest has received more than 10,000 business ideas and has helped launch more than 2,500 sustainable startups around the world. The objective of CLP is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy through its project incubation program innovators in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, clean transport, circular technologies, and other green sectors.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with sustainability experts, receive training and mentoring, and compete for prizes that will help them bring their ideas to market.

In addition, the winners will have access to the global network of ClimateLaunchpad, which will allow them to continue to develop their projects internationally.

"The climate crisis is an existential threat to our species and the planet. We need bold and effective solutions to limit its impact," said Frans Nauta, founder of ClimateLaunchpad in a previous interview. "Climatelaunchpad seeks precisely that, to identify and support the entrepreneurs who are leading the way towards a more sustainable and low carbon economy. If you have an idea for a sustainable project, go ahead and get involved!" he added.

The future of our planet is in our hands, and change begins with each one of us.

At this time, as the climate crisis grows ever more pressing, we must transform ideas into concrete and effective actions. In this sense, Climatelaunchpad is here to walk you along the way and to help you take that crucial step from idea to action. Together we can make a difference and build a sustainable future for all.

If you or someone you know wants to make a difference on climate impact issues, share this article with them! More info at gabriela.figueroa@cleantechhub.net

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